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    B Keep that wheel a-turnin' -- How much energy is required?

    I know I'm probably overcomplicating this question, but I'm having a bit of difficulty coming up with a singular answer. I have a 4-foot diameter flywheel that I need to turn with an electric motor of an unknown horsepower. I say unknown because I I don't know what I need based upon the...
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    How does the position of a force affect a spinning wheel

    Homework Statement 1m diameter solid disc spinning at 10 rpms with a subsequent .5m diameter solid disc being driven by the 1m sokid disc. Homework Equations Not sure there is one for my particular situation. The Attempt at a Solution Just using the torque is equal to force times distance...
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    Moment Arm Question

    Homework Statement I'm trying to determine the torque vector and quantity of said vector per the sketch attached. Homework Equations T=fd[/B] The Attempt at a Solution T = 100 lbs x 2 f2f T= 200 ftlbs But my real question is where is that Force being applied at is it the attachment point...
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    Moment created and torque

    Homework Statement , [/B] Please see the attached picture. But I'm trying to do is figure out where this moment would be created and how much torque would be applied based upon this example. Homework Equations T = fxd The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I would suspect that any weight added to the...
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    How to calculate leverage with complex shaped levers

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known Does the shape or profile of a moment arm impact the torque created at the axel or fulcrum point Homework Equations T=fd[/B] The Attempt at a Solution Please see sketch is the torque created at position 1 in position to correct?
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    Gravitational energy

    Homework Statement I have a 100 lb mass that is attached to a disk which is rotating freely about an axle. How do I calculate the gravitational energy contributed buy this 100 pound mass as it rotates from the 12 position to the six position Homework Equations No clue maybe. M x g x h? The...
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    Power required to lift something vertically

    Homework Statement I'm using a force of 392 pound feet of force to move an object that weighs 250 lb a distance of 22 in in 1.3 seconds.. how do I determine how much power was consumed in this move?[/B] Homework Equations Power = force * distance/ time The Attempt at a Solution 749 watts
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    Determining the power of a rotating system

    Homework Statement Force of 200 foot pounds of torque is being exerted on a axle of a disc which is turning at 1.57 radians. The disk has a moment of inertia of 234 kg per meter squared and it's 1.5 inch diameter axle has a prony brake installed applying a load of 200 foot pounds of torque at...
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    Total Work and HP

    Please see attached sketch. Im trying to determine the total work done by this system. Im not sire where to even start. I know w=fd, but i am not certain how that applies to a rotating object. Please advise.
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    Automotive Rotational Torque Calc

    I need some outside opinions on determining the available torque on a prime mover. I have a mechanical advantage prime mover (or driver) that creates rotation of its overall mass via a series of offset mass movements within the driver. It's primary power source is gravity; however, movement is...
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    Rotational Torque Calc

    Hey guys and gals. I need someone to double check my math. I have a wheel with a MOI = 8700 kgm2. It is rotating at 18 RPMs. T=MOI*angular acceleration? Or 8700 kgm2 * 1.83 rad/sec= 15979.6 Nm?
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    Leverage and weight positioning

    This is probably kind of a simple question but it is one that I have questioned for quite some time. Please see the drawing. Does the position of the 100lbs effect the MA or leverage in this simple lever system?
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    Moment of inertia dynamics

    Good evening, good people of PF. I have a fairly simple question. Please see the attached drawing. My question is this: does the moment of inertia change from position one to position two (as the weight is rotating around a center line). In essence, does it maintain the same moment of inertia...
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    I RPMs generated by gravity

    I have a question. I have a flywheel that is 108' is diameter and it weights approximately 1600 lbs. It has an external force of 600lbs acting upon it at 90* to the axel. Like a water wheel. How can i determine the RPMs that my flywheel will turn with this type of force being applied to the...
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    Moment of Inertia Calculation for Offset Mass

    Ran into a bit of a dilemma. I'm having some problems calculating the moment of inertia for an offset weight configuration. Please see the attached drawing. Basically this offset weight will be turning around an axis as labeled in the drawing. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Torque -- units and transfer thereof

    Have a general question about torque. I have a 102 inch diameter, ring shaped, flywheel that weighs 500 pounds. It is rotating at 25 RPMs. I know that the energy produced is 1304 joules, but you need to know how many Nm that equates to. Second question: this flywheel is placed in a...