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    Germany or USA for engineering, I am really torn now.

    It is advisable to learn the German language first, and then go for a Studienkolleg. Otherwise you might have a rough ride in the German academic system.
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    Schools European university masters program admission process

    Chill n relax then. ETH might have a somewhat more picky selection criteria than the rest of the schools that you mentioned. If you can, spending an exchange semester at ETH won't be a bad idea (and if you do well then this will benefit any future academic and professional applications).
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    Schools Suggestion College or University In Malaysia

    UM, USM and UKM are all reasonable options. Just stay away from the private universities.
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    Math relevant to Nanotechnology

    You need mathematics in all fields of science and engineering, a vague answer to a vague question. Nano-whatever is typically a buzzword, as you could be talking about chemistry, physics or electrical engineering, and each of those disciplines has a different approach to the Nano-stuff, some...
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    Schools European university masters program admission process

    The GPA is an important factor, and it is even more important than the time needed to finish the degree, students have different circumstance e.g. personal or financial, hence some do need a longer time to finish their study, the duration of education is no critical factor for the admission...
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    Programs EE major that loves physics class but hates computer programming

    You don't have to love programming, its just a tool that make many things easy. And programming is everywhere, even Business majors learn it in one form or another. Be open and avoid closed mindedness (i.e. since I hate programming I will not learn it), flexibility is a part of the solution...
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    Which engineering branch to take?

    Take a look at the invidual courses involved in each programme and see which you like more. As for your future career ambitions, I would suggest putting those aside, reconsider them when you're in your 3'rd year at the university.
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    Schools Looking for universities in germany

    I think there is a similar physics programme in Oldenburg. Learning German from scratch within your first year of university is not a realistic goal: 1. you'll be pretty busy with your technical courses and its probably your...
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    Schools Looking for universities in germany

    TUHH is reasonable, as far as I know its pretty small. Typically universities that have good engineering departments also have good physics departments. You can have a look at (randomly sorted): RWTH Aachen TU Munich FU Berlin LMU KIT (Karlsruhe) Uni. Stuttguart TU Darmstadt and...
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    Engineering Mathematics or Mathematics ?

    I don't think anyone around can provide you with a precise definition of what Eng. Math. is, the term is used differently from one university to another and you haven't provided any links or any information. To me, it sounds like computational/numerical mathematics as applied to various...
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    Engineering Mathematics or Mathematics ?

    going for a master degree in Math after your engineering degree is in not beneficial in terms of employment. Engineering Mathematics can be more relevant in this case as it relates more to applications. Also, if you didn't have any math undergrad courses intended for Mathematicians (not those...
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    Quantum Optics (too much?)

    If you haven't taken QM before and currently taking Electrodynamics, I don't think it is a good idea at all to jump to a Quantum Optics course right now. It will be a rough and bumpy ride in my opinion and more of a negative experience. Also you said it yourself, it was suggested that it...
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    Bechelor in Engeeniring Physics- Germany

    This really depends on whether you will be getting a B.Eng or a B.Sc. degree, and not just that, but it also depends on the content of the degree. Some universities (e.g. TUM) offer specialization courses during the 5th and 6th semesters, which cover different aspects of physics, from materials...
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    Ph.D. in Computer Science in Germany [Broken] [Broken]
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    Studying Recommended upper division classical physics books for self-learning

    Susskind lectures (Stanford): I liked his classical mechanics lectures most.
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    I want to get prepared for master at homehelp please

    You will have to re-study all the fundamental courses you had during your bachelor, e.g. electrodynamics, classical and quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics. Refreshing on mathematics will be essential too. Doing all of that at home can get annoying, hence you supplement your learning at...
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    Program Switch Comp Eng - Comp Sci

    I know someone who is in a similar situation, but it was too late for him to switch. He wholeheartedly hated the EE courses. I don't think its too late for you to perform the switch, plus, you should be able to get some credit from your previous computer engineering courses transferred the CS...
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    Physics or E.E. and what subjects?

    If you do physics as an undergrad, then EE as a postgrad (or vice versa), you will be required to do some catching up to cover the missing courses. It will also be harder to get admitted if you switch fields. If you like electronics more, I would back the idea of doing an EE bachelor, you can...
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    Can electrical engineers become programmers?

    Yes its possible, but not the best approach I think. Electrical Engineers learn many other things which you may find not so interesting. A reasonable choice can be computer engineering, involves more programming than the typical EE degrees. Edit: you should check the courses for the degrees...
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    I want to study quantum physics

    Its not a branch of physics, but rather a fundamental knowledge that every physics student must learn. So any university in your country that has a physics department must be offering the course. To tackle the subject properly, you need some background in mathematics and some classical...
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    Funding for Masters

    Have you looked into the DAAD database ? [Broken] You can always go for a part-time job (HiWi/werkstudent: ~10eur/hour, typically the working hours are flexible) at the university. I would suggest contacting the...
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    Needs maths guidance for Physics Bachelor

    There is no need to worry. There is no need to wait a year either. You will have a bumpy first semester whether you spend one year preparing or not, every student has to go through this experience :biggrin: Regarding the missing physics courses, its not that important as any school level...
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    Germany this year or USA next year? (Physics)

    Its not exactly a research position (this depends on the type of work involved). During a typical bachelor degree you will be learning programming and other practical topics. PhD students often look for assistants to help them in some aspects hence they get some funding to allow them to offer...
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    Germany this year or USA next year? (Physics)

    You don't have to worry about such things in the distant future. Who knows, you may not want to continue with grad study. Regarding financing an MSc, many students work part time in order to finance their monthly expenses, the most reasonable of such jobs is being something like an RA (it need...
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    Germany this year or USA next year? (Physics)

    Why not do your bachelor in Leipzig for example, and proceed for grad study in US. It would be much easier to get some kind of funding or a scholarship as a foreign grad student in the US than as a foreign undergrad.
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    Schools Does Brian Greene recommend colleges?

    If you live in the US, any of the top 50 (or even top 100, you know, there are thousands of colleges in the US alone) universities should have a decent physics programme. You shouldn't look only at whether have specialists in string theory or not, there is much more to be learned in physics...
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    Schools Does Brian Greene recommend colleges?

    It is unlikely that such a thing exists. It is unlikely as well that you will be getting an e-mail reply, see , professors hardly reply grad students, so the probability for outsiders to get a reply is even much less lower.
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    Bachelor's Applied Math - Should I buy MATLAB?

    MATLAB is very good, if you can afford it then it shouldn't be a problem As far as I recall, the student license has a time limit or so. Did ask in your department if any licenses for students are offered ? One alternative is using MATLAB via remote access if the department offers such a thing...
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    Education plans

    Griffiths book is a common starting point for many undergraduate students: I haven't used the book before, but it seems to me that its purpose is a very gentle n soft introduction so that the reader can move to more detailed books...
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    Dual Electrical/Computer Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering + Computer Science

    A bare electrical engineering degree would be very sufficient if you want to get into robotics. I see no reason to spend an additional year at the university. Also, if you need any computer science courses once you graduate, you can learn them on your own. Don't forget that there is some overlap...