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    Professionally written CVs

    I think its a waste of money. For many positions, resumes are reviewed by humans. The europass CV is good: Depending on the position you are applying for, certain adjustments to the CV might be required so...
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    Starting a career, nanotech passion, looking for advises.

    I did not mean that you shouldn't study math, I meant that the math you will be taught during the first two years (or during the whole programme) should suffice for all your needs during those years and there is no need to delve into additional or advanced math topics. You can learn those...
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    Starting a career, nanotech passion, looking for advises.

    I was in a similar situation like 8 years back. I hope that you understand that nanotechnology is a buzz word, spanning a number of scientific fields. Regarding your questions: A.1) Focus mainly on your degree courses, if there is time, try to attend courses from other departments or...
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    Physics Language for a theoretical physicist

    I would second German. For physics mainly, German is way more relevant. Other than the old historical papers that were published in German, there are many awesome German Physics books. The language is also used in Austria & parts of Switzerland. I think it would also take less time to learn...
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    EE for me?

    Hello, My answers are in the same sequence of your asked questions: A.1) EE is not only about soldering circuits and analog electronics, there is a lot more to it and it has many common things with applied/engineering physics. Whether EE will bore you or not, this depends on where you are...