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    Networking Problems? LLDP Didn't work

    Sorry, don't like using you guys as tech support, but I didn't know where else to go. I can't seem to get printing between my vista machines (4 of them) and my XP desktop, which most of my printers are connected to. I tried finding a network printer - it'll see the name of the desktop, but...
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    Physics at UIUC

    To be granted access to undergraduate physics resources at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, go to this website: The websites have syllabi, practice exams, and lecture slides. Here is a list of the classes: PHYS 101 - College Physics: Mech &...
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    Solar Paneling is Reflective?

    I was just wondering why solar paneling is shiny. Doesn't that mean light is reflected and wasted?
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    Jobs after peak oil

    The career fields you highlighted are full of problem-solvers. I'm sure they'll be fine.
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    Medical Well-researched nutrition information

    The "crud" comment makes me think maybe I should drink more water and just keep it up. Thanks for all the help, Mike!
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    Medical Well-researched nutrition information

    I'm starting up slowly, so slowly that I'd rather not say what my exercise regimen is. Honestly, my diet has always been the most neglected aspect of my fitness, but I abhor junk food and I drink soda maybe once in a blue moon. I eat a lot of rice (I'm Chinese, go figure) with veggies and...
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    Medical Well-researched nutrition information

    I started working out again after a long break, and my muscle fatigue is lasting for days, really destroying my motivation to stick to my schedule. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any legitimate, well-researched nutrition information, supplements, or techniques that I should know of to...
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    Homosexuality is not a genetic issue

    Don't forget about kin selection. *EDIT* that was vague, let me clarify - my reasoning is that since siblings share genes, a homosexual, non-reproductive sibling might contribute to the spread of shared genes by kin-selection - that is, by focusing more energy on the survival of his/her...
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    Just a cool thing to do

    K'nex are like Legos, but they're based around sticks and...connections (k'nex) instead of matching pieces. They're pretty cool! OH MAN! I haven't played Roller Coaster Tycoon in so long! That was an amazing game.
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    Tired of school: Any sense in continuing?

    Haha, Vid, yes, I thought it was fairly amusing - actually, if this whole thread is an elaborate hoax by a classical scholar, it will be that much funnier. Sorry for the off-topic, had to note it
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    Mathematica Mathematica & the GPU

    Crosson, how do I do that? Or where could I go to find out how to? Can Mathematica do it for me? Mr. Healey, I believe this is the case as well. However, I think I would probably need something like nVidia's CUDA in order to get it to work, like Elliot said. I don't think Mathematica...
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    Physiological Limits in Physics

    On a semi-related note, I was just at 6 Flags Great America pondering similar questions. Anyone here design rollercoasters or know anyone who does? I don't pretend to have any great understandings of physics, but I was thinking that if you found an equation for acceleration between your chosen...
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    Mathematica Mathematica & the GPU

    Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately it didn't make it any faster, although "software" makes it extremely slow. Maybe I'm making a few vital assumptions about either my machine or how Mathematica renders that are wrong.
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    Mathematica Mathematica & the GPU

    I was playing around with Mathematica and I discovered this via the help: [Broken] ...which is basically the most bad-ass 3D graph I've ever seen, much less had generated on my computer! Yes, I'm only in Calc II for now...
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    Other Should I Become an Engineer? Job statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that engineering isn't going away anytime soon. Check out biomedical and petroleum engineer predictions. Also, like nebuqalia said, engineers have two things going for them: mathematical aptitude...
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    Tired of school: Any sense in continuing?

    Sounds like burn-out. Write up a few interesting questions related to your current studies, tape them somewhere, and then leave for a month. Go out in the forest. Exercise. Climb a mountain. Run a marathon. Take a break and let everything just fade for a little while. Then come back and...
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    Public speaking

    I would suggest trying out Toastmasters International. Also, if you can get a floodlight shone directly into your eyes so you can't see anyone, that helps a lot!
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    The nature of time

    One more link from Discover Magazine called "Newsflash: Time May Not Exist." I've pondered about the nature of time as well, and I was just going to ask a similar question. If it is a dimension, and traversable like any other dimension, what keeps it...
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    Hi, need some advice

    Just mentioning I'm going headlong into an EE major, supposedly the most difficult major on my campus, with incredibly insecure math skills and a background in...Asian Studies. Oh, and a poor high school/community college transcript to boot. But I believe that it's never too late to learn...
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    Schools Thinking about takeing physics in university but have a few questions

    I think, basically...whatever your intelligence, whether below, on-par, or superior, all signs point to hard work as the answer to your question. Whatever insecurities you may have regarding your intelligence are unfounded. The only question is whether or not you are willing to work hard...and...
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    Schools Thinking about takeing physics in university but have a few questions

    Intelligence is difficult to define, much less quantify. One might easily conceive of an English-based "intelligence test" that would put those more grammatically inclined as much more intelligent than those more numerically inclined. Perhaps ironically, the output of the test might best be...
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    Programs Online Degrees

    Any word on the quality of the Mercy College? I know that the University of Illinois - Springfield also offers an online Mathematics degree here: www .