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    Co efficent of static friction

    Homework Statement a) If the co efficent of static friction between a table and a uniform massive rope is Us, what fraction of the rope can hang over the edge of the table without the rope sliding? Homework Equations F=mg The Attempt at a Solution The largest fraction of the...
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    Basic speed/time/distance equation

    Homework Statement A runner is planning for a 10km race. She can maintain a steady speed of 3.7 m/s for as much time as needed before ending the race with a 7.8 m/s sprint. If she wants to finish in 40min or less, how far from the finish should she begin to sprint? Homework Equations S =...
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    Average volume gained each day

    Homework Statement If the child's birth mass is 3.3 kg, birth rate =1.2×10−2 kg/d (baby gains that amount each day) A child is born after 39 weeks in its mother's womb. Assuming the fetal density is 1020 kg/m^3, what is the average volume gained each day? Homework Equations The...