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    Will the torque for this force = 0 will the torque for this force = 0 explain according to the torque relation
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    Mass difinition and protons

    my question is Does 1 kg of iron contain the same number of protons as 1kg of aluminium,hydrogen and wood Can we define mass of matter with no of protons and neutrons it contains?
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    Question about atmosphere pressure

    we define the ATM. pressure as the weight of cylinder of air above the earth with surface area for its base equal 1 m2 referring to this definition how could we illustrate the pressure at 1- a room with roof . 2- a room without roof . 3- vacuum room.
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    Electric current

    we know that electric current result of motion of electrons through aconductor and resistance result of electron's collisions with matter's nuclei resulting in heating material my question is what is the effect of positive electric field of nuclei at the motion of negative electrons ...
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    Strange behavior of the density of the water around the freezing point

    please is there a topic that discuss with illustration factor that causes Strange behavior of the density of the water around the freezing point
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    Momentum and kinetic energy

    why although the equations of momentum and kinetic energy of an object contains the same symbols m and v we note in an inelastic collision that momentum unlike the kinetic energy is conserved
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    Misunderstanding about work definition

    as scientists defines it work is the product of force and displacement i just want to ask is the displacement meusured during force application or during motion even if the force removed thank you
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    Perplexing question regarding the relationship temperature of the Earth in orbit arou

    We know that the earth revolves around the sun in an oval orbit the sun occupies one of its centers On this basis, the distance from the sun is not constant and the land closest to the sun in Maicon on Jan. 3 and and be further from the sun on July 4, the difference between the two points...