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    A rocket engine roblem

    Currently, I am trying to find the optimal O/F ratio for H2 and O2 in terms of maximal gas escape velocities. I have researched Cp, and Cv values for H2O and H2 extensively, yet I can not find a function of their values depending on temperature. Does anyone know where I could find functions of...
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    Function for Cp/Cv for H2O(g) accurate to 3000 K

    Does anyone know the function for Cp/Cv for H2O(g) accurate to 3000 K ? I would greatly appreciate any replies.
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    Cp/Cv Value for H2O and H2

    I need to find out the Cp/Cv value for Water Vapor and Hydrogen gas at 2755 K and a molar ratio of: H2O/H2:48.6112/62.5 I would at least like the Cv and Cp values for water vapor at 2755 K. A correct answer will be greatly appreciated.