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    How do I visualise the equations from observation of a spinning wheel

    From this figure we could see the axis of rotation of wheel is y axis and it's translational motion is along x axis How would I describe it's horizontal motion in terms of rotational motion The wheel is spinning and also moving horizontally along x axis w being the angular frequency
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    Linearity / multilinearity in LDE(linear differential equations)

    hello everyone we demonstrate the linearity in a function by a superposition in f(x)=y f(x1+x2)=f(x1)+f(x2) but that' the case when we have a single variable as x and if we have two variables then we modify the concept of linearity to multilinearity where f(x,y)=z can never be...
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    Need help understanding Superposition Principle

    need help understanding "Superposition Principle"..!! hello everyone.. if we have a function y=f(x) then in-order to prove linearity we try to justify according to superposition principle as : let x1 and x2 be two inputs then f(x1+x2)=f(x1)+f(x2) please correct me if i am wrong upto here...
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    How do we define and categorize technology?

    how do we define and categorize technology..?? there are presently different aspects in which the technologies are discussed if i say semiconductor technology then should it mean.. 1) technology that processes semiconductor materials to get high performance electronic devices..?? 2)...
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    What is flux ? is it a scalar or a vector and difference bet flux and flux density

    what is flux...?? is it a scalar or a vector and difference bet flux and flux density i have read the articles where the flux (either in case of electric flux or magnetic )is described as the no of lines passing through a surface area ( open in case of magnetic characterized by boundary and...
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    Difference between particular integral and particular solution?

    difference between particular integral and particular solution..?? particular integral and particular solution are used to find the solution of differential equation..but sometimes they are used interchangeably but what's the difference between two..?? please state examples..!!
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    The liquid between a battery's plates is a good conductor so why doesn't it shortout?

    hey guys i have put this question to clarify some points on battery anode cathode reactions...let me describe this..if we consider the cell to be two electrodes with in between electrolyte .. at anode one has the situation: metal=metal ion+electron released i.e oxidation takes place..!! so...
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    How to calculate rank of 2 by 1 matrix?

    how to calculate rank of 2 by 1 matrix..?? hey guys so i am well familiar with finding out rank of square matrices but if matrix is just a row or column vector then how to determine its rank..considering the example below: a=[x1 x2 x3] where is column matrix while x1,x2,x3 are...
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    Prove e=mc^2

    if possible could you tag some good video lectures may be feymann or any other good source..thanks...!!
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    Can wave particle duality be viewed at macroscopic scale ?

    can wave particle duality be viewed at macroscopic scale...?? ok so far we have discussed the wave particle duality in case of electrons of-course at microscopic level through the 1) interference phenomenon showing its wave behavior 2)photoelectric effect discussing its particle...
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    What exactly do electric waves transfer from one point of the wire to other?

    so basically i was considering the speed of the charges inside wire defined by the drift velocity and speed of electric waves that's equal to speed of my point is if electric waves don't carry any charge (as mostly light that we encounter from sun's radiation is em and since they don't...