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    What factors influence voltage

    I have some trouble grasping voltage, and why it is defined by V = R * I. 1. If voltage can be seen as some form of electrical potential energy, why does it not increase as the circuit is made longer (in terms of meters). Would a current be as likely to travel in a 0.1 meter circuit as in a...
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    How should I proceed in my study of physics / mathematics?

    I recently graduated from High School (or Sweden's equivalent). I am entering quite a difficult university program studying physics / math in a couple of months. I am interested in self-studying this summer simply because I find the subjects fascinating, especially the mathematical side of it...
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    Standing waves in tube closed tube

    Homework Statement A tone with frequency 2,00 * 10^3 Hz is held above a tube filled with water. The water level is increased and decreased. When the water level is 5.7cm below the opening of the tube, the first sound maxima is heard. When the water level is 39.3cm below the opening of the...
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    N-body simulation

    I have a made a fully functional n-body simulation for a project in high school, written in Java. Right now, to "simulate" the solar system, I am simply spawning the different bodies at their respective distance from the sun with an initial velocity calculated by v = sqrt(G*M/r), as shown in...
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    Newton's Law of Cooling

    If the temperature of an object with temperature T(t) is place in a room with the ambient temperature Ta, Newtons Law of Cooling is defined as dT / dt = k (T(t) - Ta), correct? This implies we would need a negative k-value. Wouldn't the equation therefore be described better if T(t) and Ta...
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    Other Books on problem solving

    I am leaving high school (or Sweden's equivalent) and I will be entering a hard physics / math program at university this fall. I feel like I understand all the concepts in maths and physics, but I would like some practice on pure problem solving since that is really what I am interested in...
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    Momentum 2d

    Homework Statement The problem is stated here (from Homework Equations momentum = mass * velocity The Attempt at a Solution My attempt at a solution can be found here: I get the answer 0.035kg, but that is not an...
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    Force on a particle in a homogeneous electric field

    I understand that in a homogeneous electric field, the force on a particle, regardless of its location, is the same. How can this be? Wouldn't a positively charged particle experience a greater force when near the positively charged side? What am I missing?
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    Why does velocity increase force according to F_m = QvB?

    This is probably a very noob question, but I can't seem to get my head around it. Why does an increase in velocity of a particle in a magnetic field, increase the force acted upon it, according to F_m = QvB? For example in orbital dynamics, an increased velocity of a body simply breaks the...
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    Orbital Dynamics

    Hello. I have a project in school in which I will be attempting to gain an increased understanding of orbital dynamics and the maths related to it and using this information to create a n-body simulation. I have a like 3-4 months to finish it and I'm currently in high school so I am only...
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    Study in the US

    Hello. I am graduating next year (i'll be 19) in Sweden, and I am interested in studying at a university in the US, but I am afraid I will not get accepted. My grades are sort of good (although I am not satisfied at all). The maximum score is 22.5 which is equal to straight A's, and I will...
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    Ideas for physics project

    Hello. First off, I am sorry if this thread is in the wrong category, I did not really know where to put it. Now to the problem. It is my last year of high school this year (well, Europe's equivalent), and during this year we are supposed to choose and work on a big project and it has to...
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    Practicing creative / improvising math skills

    Hello, I am currently 18 years of age and I will be attending my last year of high school (well, "gymnasium" since I am from Sweden) and I have some questions. I am completely in love with math and physics. I just find the idea that these two subjects can describe reality fascinating, to say...