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    Just failing the driving exam.

    too little too fast, i hav intention to fix compeltely the most important part of the engine before bring it to driving test next january but sevearl of other chunks i don't know in engines ruins my plan painfully. danyt! :biggrin: Lisa!, how is ur car these days, without or with full of...
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    Song Lyrics

    any1 has the same hobby love country music like i do? after this, php might get finished ? mmmm?
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    Extreme headache

    I actually always sleep with 2 pillows, but never have any problem like yours, do i need to promise 4evar to people i will sleep with only one pillow btw :wink:
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    Testing Exam Trouble

    Uhmmmmm...Hope so, too :wink: Hey, ambj123, read MalleusScientiarum carefully! :biggrin:, u gotta feel better then.
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    No girl wants engineering

    :biggrin: if i can do as what u say, i would have lots of girsl around me..:shy: The truth is...................................:biggrin:
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    New airbus a330 or 300 or whichever

    u need to turn on that kidn of panel anytime u need it as advertisement or thereaint gonna be meaningfull flights, i guess. advice for u, if u need to fly fast, effieciently, u must get boeing tickets. good luck if u have any journey to go...
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    New airbus a330 or 300 or whichever

    give me a hit to Chitose :wink:
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    Thread killer champions

    why u have to ?
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    Launch of space shuttle

    Wow, i think they they sound like a warehouse guards, that accoutns for why they talk like they are the only on this planet :zzz:
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    Testing Exam Trouble

    I m from rural area, my country people say, wearing a black shirt inside at time when u are going to exam might haelp u stay away from monsters
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    Extreme headache

    Next time on, you have got to be more careful or a small mistake should result in bad eyesight or worse long termed nerve injury.
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    New airbus a330 or 300 or whichever

    Narita is more coolest than Kansai.
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    The Times Higher Education Supplement

    Hi, thanks a lot, this time I intend to go to texas, because the school i want to study is 2nd rank right here --> :biggrin:
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    Thread killer champions

    I think he will be fine and this time he will hit the right target, right at the center because da drunkard still wants some more beer...