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    Solving a differential equation

    Homework Statement Find the particular solution of the differential equation \frac{dy}{dx}+ycos(x)=3cos(x) Homework Equations y(0)=5 The Attempt at a Solution \frac{dy}{dx}=3cos(x)-ycos(x) \frac{dy}{dx}=(cos(x))(3-y) \int \frac{dy}{3-y}=\int cos(x) dx -ln|3-y|=sin(x)+C...
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    Finding F(x)=G(x)+H(y)=K

    Homework Statement The differential equation dy/dx= 35/(y1/8+25x2y1/8 has an implicit general solution of the form F(x,y)=K. In fact, because the differential equation is separable, we can define the solution curve implicitly by the form F(x)=G(x)+H(y)=K. Find such solution and then give the...
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    Solve the separable differential equation

    Homework Statement dx/dy=-0.6y y(0)=5 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I tried solving it by \intdy/y=\int-0.6dx ln(y)=-0.6x+c ln(y(0))=-0.6(0)+c ln(5)=c ln(y)=-0.6x+ln(5) y=e^{-0.6x}+5 But its incorrect. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Can someone helping...