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    Angular/linear momentum

    Let's assume I simulate a number of particles using a computer program. I teach the particles to move according to F=ma. The F acting on each particle will be the sum of all forces to other particles according to F=m1*m2/distance^2. I give the particles a set of initial positions and...
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    Relativity at event horizon

    When I look at a minkowski diagram for a black hole I can see that time goes to infinity for the outside observer while the infalling object approaches the black hole. That means that for an outside observer, it takes an infinite amount of time until the infalling object reaches the event...
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    Everyday analogy why hidden variables can’t explain entanglement

    Everyday analogy why hidden variables can’t explain entanglement I tried to come up with an everyday “obvious” analogy that explains why a hidden variable theory cannot explain quantum entanglement. Here’s the story: There are two guests and one moderator on a stage. The moderator...
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    Wrong example of Covariant Vector

    I have a question about covariant and contravariant vectors. I tried making concrete examples and in one example I succeed, in another I fail. It is said that displacement vectors transform contravariantly, and gradients of a scalar transform covariantly. I can get the whole story working in...