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    Gravitational field strength (ratios)

    Homework Statement A 6.2*10^2-kg satellite above Earth's surface experiences a gravitational field strength of magnitude 4.5-N/kg. Knowing the gravitational field strength at Earth's surface and Earth's radius, how far above Earth's surface is the satellite? (Use ratio and proportion.)...
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    The Product Rule

    Homework Statement If f(2) = 3, f'(2) = 5, g(2) = -1, g'(2) = -4, find (fg)'(2). Homework Equations if F(x) = f(x)g(x) F'(x) = f'(x)g(x) + g'(x)f(x) The Attempt at a Solution I have no idea how to attempt his question :(
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    Logarithm: Compound interest problem

    Homework Statement How long does it take for a sum of money to double if it is invested at 8% compounded semi-annually? Homework Equations A = P(1+i)n A: Compounded amount P: Initial amount i: Interest rate n: Period The Attempt at a Solution A = P(1+i)n (2x) = (x)[1+(0.08)]2n (2n because...
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    ADVICE: Physics or Engineering?

    I am currently in my last year of highschool, and I'm kind of torn between going on to study physics or engineering (more specifically electrical engineering) in university. Also if I choose to study engineering in university I understand that it requires Grade 12 chemistry and as of now my...
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    Absolute within an absolute

    Solve: | |x+1| +2| - | x-2 | = 3 Relevant equations: if |x| = a, then x = a; x = -a My attempt: |x+1| +2 - (x-2) = 3 ; |x+1| + 2 - (x-2) = -3 (by theorem provided by teacher above) |x+1| = x- 1 ; |x+1| = x-7 if |x+1| < 0: -(x+1) = x -1 -x - 1 = x - 1 -2x = 0 x = 0...
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    Equations Involving Radicals Question

    Solve for: √(x-7) / √(x) -2 = √2 My attempt at a solution: I solved for x and it comes out to: 0 = x^2 - 64x +225 and then i plugged it into the quadratic formula: [-(-64)±√((64)^2-4(1)(225))]/2 and my answer comes out to be: 32±√799 although the answer on the back of...
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    Remainder/factor theorem question

    The question is Find "a" and "b": f(x) is ax^3 - bx^2 + 2x - 12 Divisor is x^2 - 5x +6 Remainder is 2x - 3 So what I tried to do was divide f(x) with the divisor and take the the remainder that I got and let it = 2x - 3 but I always get stuck in the end. My teacher suggested using the...