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    B Ripple tank dispersion

    Consider water waves refraction in a ripple tank. What happen if we increased the ripple frequency. I mean the refraction angle would change or not? Also, propagation speed will change or not? I had seen a photograph in PSSC Physics. According to that, the refraction angle was reducing if we...
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    Concave mirror + Glass block

    Homework Statement A glass block of thickness 60 cm and refractive index 4/3 is placed in front of a concave mirror. A light source is then placed on the center of curvature of the concave mirror. Find the position of the final image formed. (Focal length is 30 cm) Homework Equations...
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    Ripple tank - strobe frequency

    Homework Statement Say we are observing plane wave patterns on table. The depth of water is the same everywhere in ripple tank. The frequency of waves is 12 Hz and wave length is L (lamda). We see the wave pattern as stationer while looking at wave pattern through the slots of stroboscope which...
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    Determining proper time

    Hi, I hope asking in right forum. I'm trying to understand proper time concept but I'm afraid couldn't understand the reason of answer for below question. "Figure 37-18 shows two clocks in stationary frame S (they are syncronized in that frame) and one clock in moving frame S'. Clocks...
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    Time dilation and twins paradox

    "The confusion that arises in problems like Example 26.1 lies in the fact that movement is relative: from the point of view of someone in the pendulum’s rest frame, the pendulum is standing still (except, of course, for the swinging motion), whereas to someone in a frame that is moving with...
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    Ideal Transformer

    Hi, related picture: Above link, says: "If the voltage is increased, then the current is decreased by the same factor." I didn't understand. Is this means, if I increase Vp, Ip will decrease? Or means Is will decrease? One more... Suppose...
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    Transparency and refractive index

    I am trying to understand the relation between transparency and refraction index. Searched this forum so found and read some topics too. As I undertand, transparency is related with atomic structure and phonons. This is ok. If light beam (or say photons) faraway from phonons (and atoms), they...
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    Double slit experiment (one slit closed)

    Hi, In young experiment, say one slit is completely closed, what observed is looks like a single band light. But why is not a diffraction pattern? I wonder whether the reason is, the slit width(don't mean distance between slits) more narrow than single slit diffraction in Young experiment?
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    Spherical mirror, thick glass

    A glass is located in front of concave mirror as shown in figure. The gap between mirror and glass is neglected. In this conditions, where is the final image of matter? The answer of above problem is not match with mine. I need help. I draw the beams...
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    Vertical spring - elevator question

    A mass is attached to a spring supported from the ceiling of an elevator. We pull down on the mass and let it to vibrate. If the elevator starts to accelerate(fixed accelerate) upward, 1) How the maximum velocity changes? 2) How the amplitude changes? 3) How the total energy changes? I...
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    Field lines and Coulomb Forces

    The field intencity around a little spherical conductor changes with reverse ratio to the square of their distance. Then let us put another little spherical charged conductor in field of first one. The field lines are no more change with the reverse ratio to the square of their distance(they are...
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    Hollowed cylinder grounded

    Suppose have a negative charged conductor ice pail over an isolated support. If a touch of dip or elsewhere inside, does pail lose charges?
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    Charges on Faraday ice bucket like conductors

    Hi, I have problems with charge distributions of buckets and other conductors which has a cavity. If there is experiments, photos, detailed examples about this kind of charges then glad to learn the links in net. Suppose have a conductor like Faraday ice bucket. And tied two un-charged...
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    Weight and shape of earth

    Hi, Which formula may help to compute the effect to weight due to geoid shape of earth? I assume earth is not rotating. Thanks
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    Between which layers first stimulation energy

    I am trying to understand excitement energy. Frank-Hertz experiment says mercury need 4,86eV for 1st excitement energy but i wonder between which orbitals, layers(K,L,M,...) etc.
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    Understanding electometer

    Hi, I need help to understand electometer. I can not understand the reason of opened leaves which grounded. Suppose an electrometer charged negative then its metal knob connected with metal case with a conductor. Ok, now both leaves and metal body has the same potential. Now, lets...
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    A rocket question

    Hello, I want to learn something but below question is better to learn for me. If, any help. Q: A 6090kg space probe, moving nose-first toward Jupiter at 105 m/s relative to tthe sun, fires its rocket engine, ejecting 80kg of exhaust at a speed of 253m/s relative to the space probe. What...
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    Rocket questions, Fundamentals of Physics

    Hi, I am confused with a solution of momentum in Rocket problems which published and solved in "Fundamentals of Physics, (Halliday-Resnick)". There are two different approachs to solving two similar questions. As i noticed, only difference is, the thing which flings. Fuel or tank(or any...