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    Anticipation of Supernova event

    Is it true that professional and amateur astronomers can anticipate supernova photon-stream by means of neutrino detectors, how does it works?
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    Cosmic Distance Measurement

    How do astronomers measure cosmic distance, say 7 billion light-years?
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    Can microwave em radiation interferes with radiowave em radiation?

    Just a thought because of the anomalous planck satellite cmb data, and the second largest continuous structure in our solar system that almost fried the pioneer probe... Jupiter's magnetosphere which is known emitting radiowaves.
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    Possibility of million entangled photons

    Entangled photon-pairs are being produced in labs with 'Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion' apparatus. While in the core of our sun gamma photons are being produced through nuclear fusion which then down-converted into myriad of low-energy photons. Is it possible that those myriad of...
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    When exactly light started its journey away from a supernova?

    When media reports a supernova it sounds like it happened just a while ago despite the photon stream came from say 10 million light-years away. Is it approximately correct to tell the layman that actually that supernova happened 10 million years ago because it took that time for its light to...