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  1. Searay330

    Finding temperature coefficient of resistivity of the alloy

    Suppose a wire made from an unknown alloy and having a temperature of 20.0°C carries a current of 0.529 A. At 52.4°C the current is 0.378 A for the same potential difference. Find the temperature coefficient of resistivity of the alloy. tempinital = 20C tempfinal = 52.4C currentInital = .529A...
  2. Searay330

    Thermal Expansion linear vs area expansion

    this is a picture of my notes for thermal expansion for linear vs area. my question is why does the area coefficient of expansion for the area = 2(liner coefficient of expansion). any insight would be appreciated.
  3. Searay330

    Change In Internal Energy Of An Ideal Gas

    An ideal gas is compressed from a volume of Vi = 4.50 L to a volume of Vf = 3.00 L while in thermal contact with a heat reservoir at T = 295 K as in the figure below. During the compression process, the piston moves down a distance of d = 0.120 m under the action of an average external force of...