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    Coherence distance in lasers

    Hi people :) I want to build an interferometer. In the course of looking for a suitable light source for my instrument I have been advised to check the 'coherence distance' of the sources; it is clear to me that this distance places practical limits on the design of the machine. However...
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    Monochrome interference microphone

    Idea for a microphone. Hi People! I've had an idea for a monochrome light microphone, which I have rendered as a drawing, attached. The detector consists of a monochrome source (l.e.d.), a reflective membrane (gold leaf) some distance from the source, a static reflective...
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    Aerial arrays

    Hi Everybody! I have been wondering about wave generation from point sources, and interference. I have noticed that if several point sources are sited in a line much more than one wavelength long, a very directional interference pattern develops. The closer the sources and the longer the line...