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    Quick Calculus II Question

    Hello everyone. I recently started taking Calculus II this semester at my community college and I am having a hard time. I didn't do very well on the first exam and now we are getting into Integration by Parts, Trigonometric Substitution, and Partial Fractions. Does anyone have any tips on how...
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    Has anyone ever

    Has anyone ever applied for readmission to a university you've attended before and were put on academic probation or disqualified? It happened to me, and I am going through that process. I just want to know how tough it was? I was disqualified from UCF because I got low grades, I was going...
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    Does anyone use SolidWorks?

    I just got a copy of Solid Works and I would like to know if anyone has any experience using this program. I have non what so ever and I need tutorials and stuff to get the hang of the program. Please help.
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    Model Rockets

    Any one have any ideas or suggestions for beginner model rockets? I eventually want to make my own.
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    The Unit Circle

    I am having a real tough time memorizing the unit circle and it's values. What would you suggest to make easier for me to remember the quadrants, square roots, and radians?
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    Aerospace project for a beginner

    Hi guy, I'm interested on working on a new project. Something small, with some design, for a beginner. I'm majoring in Aerospace Engineering and I want some "solo" experience and I don't know where to start. I like rockets, and space craft. I enjoy aircraft, but I'm more intrigued by out of...
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    Aerospace Engineering Programs

    Hello guys, I have a couple of questions. First off, I want to introduce myself; my name is Pablo, I am 23 years old and I am an Aerospace Engineering major. I've been in school for a while chasing various disciplines, but I'm sticking with my dream; all because of my childhood love for planes...
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    Starting Calculus 2 this Spring

    Hi all! I'm starting Calculus 2 this Spring at my college and I was wondering what to look out for. Any specific series or problems that might be a headache? What do you suggest I prepare "better" for? Thanks for your time!