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    Sound waves prob

    A bat flies toward a wall, emitting a steady sound of frequency 2.00 kHz. This bat hears its own sound plus the sound reflected by the wall. How fast should the bat fly in order to hear a beat frequency of 10.0 Hz? Give your answer to two significant figures. Take the speed of sound to be 344...
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    Just some simple fluid mechanics questions

    bernoulli's principle says.. total pressure = static pressure + dynamic pressure + pressure from height, right? but how come I hear that an increase in velocity is a decrease in pressure? if you increase velocity as the 'v' part in dynamic pressure won't the entire pressure increase as well...
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    Bernoulli's stuff

    Ok this stuff is confusing. Can someone give me a dumbified overview of this? I don't get when/how to use the equation. There are so many different forms and variations of pressure, bernoulli's equations it gets really confusing. I don't know what to equate what to what... ugh i don't know how...
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    Ever feel like you don't know what you're doing in life ?

    so this is my first post but I've read the forums for a while and i think this is an appropriate place to ask for some advice about this future or mine and maybe other people who can relate. I'm a soph in college right now. I'm currently majoring in computer engineering. I thought i liked...