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    Magnetic field/induction

    Homework Statement A magnetic field perpendicular to the plane of a wire loop is uniform in space but changes with time tin the region of the loop. If the induced emf in the loop increases linearly with time t, then the magnitude of the magnetic field must be proportional to: a)t^3 b)t^2...
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    What amplitude of simple harmonic motion of the spring...

    Homework Statement Answer: Can someone explain the answer? I don't understand why it's necessary for that the moment when the force exerted on the smaller block is greatest is when it is on the verge of slipping. Could it not already have been slipped off or maybe even 3/4 way slipped off...
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    B How to calculate center of mass & centerline a of a boat?

    Can anyone explain how to calculate the center of mass of a boat? and the centerline of a boat? Formulas, websites, anything helpful, just to let you know I haven't taken any high level physics classes so i don't know any of the fancy stuff lol. Thanks for the help