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    Asymptotes as the lines y=x an y=-x

    Hi there. I'm a maths teacher and today was having a discussion with my Head of Department about asymptotes (as you do!) She was me if I could think on an equation of a graph(s) which has an asymptotes at the line y=x and another at y=-x. Thinking about it, neither of us could come up...
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    Killing form of a Lie algebra

    OK, firstly I hope this is the rigth place for my question. I'm in a bit of a problem. I need to be able to calucalte the Killing for for a Lie algebra by next wek, but I'm stuck and won't be able to get any help in 'real life' until Friday, not leaving me enough time to sort out my problem. So...
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    Center of a Lie algebra

    OK, can someone please tell if 0 (zero) would belong to the center of a Lie algebra. By center I mean for a Lie algebra L center(L) = { z in L : [z,x]=0 for all x in L} I think it should, but I'm not too sure...I'm surely confusing myself somewhere along the line, as this shouldn't be...
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    Mathematics and unprovable assumptions

    I wasn't quite sure what I should call this, so I hope the tile is OK. Now over the weekend I've on on a general message board where I saw the ideas of mathematics and religion being discussed. The connection with religion is not what I'm interested here, but rather the following sentence...