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    Understanding Notation?

    I've been looking around a few places to try to understand some notation. I'm not sure exactly what to call it(set notation?) but basically things like g: [a, b] → R and stuff like that. I think it means something like g is defined on [a,b] in the real numbers, but is there a resource I can use...
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    Programs Physics/Computer Science Double Major?

    I'm currently beginning my senior year in high school and I have been struggling for the last year or so to figure out what I want to do in college. I find a lot of things interesting, and so it's hard for me to pinpoint a single area of study in STEM that I would want to pursue. After a lot of...
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    A question about fluids and tubes

    My physics teacher cooked up an experiment today on the fly where we tried to calculate the horizontal distance traveled, D, from a rubber tube through which water was siphoned from a graduated cylinder elevated a certain distance H from the ground: He modified an experiment he had found of...
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    Optimal angle for a projectile from height h

    I'm following Professor Ramamurti Shankar's video lecture series for Fundamentals of Physics I on Open Yale and I'm hung up on the last question on the second problem set, of which there is no mention on the solution set. The question asks, "Show...