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    Deep proverbs.

    I enjoy translations of Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. This one is o.k.
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    Why current leads in capacitor

    This is my reasoning for this affect. In an inductor the voltage will change 'instantly' however, when the voltage changes it creats a changing magnetic field. This field will inhibit the current from flowing freely. This delay in current is by 90 degrees as shown above. In a capacitor...
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    Question on double slit experiment

    I believe there is only one wave generator on one side of the double slit. As the one wave passes through both slits it creates two waves on the back side. These two waves interact to form the interference pattern.
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    The most basic constituent of matter

    This site may be more helpful.
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    Question-please help

    To compensate for the shift in her center of gravity. So she doesn't fall
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    The most basic constituent of matter

    It's my understanding that Einstein proved that matter is another form of energy with E=mc^2. And that quarks are made up of, and interact with, smaller subatomic particles.
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    How to obtain 4 input or gate using 2 input gates?

    You have four inputs a,b,c,d. Run a and b in one or gate. And get output m. Run c and d in another or gate. And get output n. Run m and n in a third or gate, and you have your final output z.
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    Electric circuit

    To have a working circuit there must be a source and a ground. Current will flow from the source to ground (in standard theory). Now lets say you have a circuit with; a source, a beginning, a spot, an end, and a ground, as shown below. source (+25V) ----> beginning ----> spot ----> end...