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    Simple Mesh Analysis

    Homework Statement Please see the attached file for the problem statement. I am attempting to find the current across the .25 Ohm resistor. Homework Equations Using kirchoffs voltage law I write the following equations: (1 Ohm)(2 amps) + (.25 Ohm)(2 - M1) = 0 The Attempt at a...
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    Fluid Mechanics: Rain fall on a roof

    Homework Statement The exact problem can be seen in the attached jpeg, and is summarized without figures here: Homework Equations Volumetric flow rate: Q = A*V Continuity equation: (d/dt)*(Integral Of:density*dVolume) + (Integral Of:density*velocity*dA) Velocity of rain fall down the...
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    RLC Circuits - Resonant Frequency, Power

    Homework Statement An AC circuit consists of an alternative emf of 1 V connected to a resistor of 500 Ohms, an inductance of 0.4 mH, and two capacitors connected in parallel of 50 pF each, We want to find the resonance frequency of this circuit, the maximum power dissipated by the...
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    Multivariable Limits

    Homework Statement Find the limit of: (x^2+y^2+2xy)/(x^2+y^2) Homework Equations x = r*cos(theta) y= r*sin(theta) The Attempt at a Solution So what I did was change to polar coordinates. Then it simplifies to: (r^2 + 2r^2cos(theta)sin(theta) )/r^2 Factoring out an r^2 from everything you...
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    Eliptical Orbit and Eccentricity

    1. Problem statement The space shuttle is in circular orbit of radius R around the earth. The pilot triggers a brief burn that imparts a forward impulse 'p' to the shuttle. After the burn, the shuttle is in an elliptical orbit which passes back through the point where the burn took place once...