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    Mixture of saturated liquid and saturated vapor

    In the figure that shows saturated vapor and liquid condition under varying temperature and specific volume (constant temperature), there are 2 lines, 1 is saturated liquid line, the other is saturated vapor line. so the region in between these 2 lines is called the mixture of saturated liquid...
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    Code ASTM D394-47(B)

    Has anybody heard of this code, ASTM D394-47(B)? I can only find ASTM D394-59(1965) and it as already withdrawn at 1969. Thank you!
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    Neutralisation Cont'd

    I solved for the heat of neutralization already, I thought, but now, I got the final temperature after reaction is 121.75 oC which I think is too big. I start with initial pH = 2 and final the conc H+ = 10^-(pH=2) then I find the mole by multipling the conc with the tank volume (400m3), the I...
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    Chemical Reaction Between HF and H2O2

    Can anyone tell me whats the reaction and product if I mix Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)??? HF + H2O2 = :confused:
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    Sand Filter

    Do anybody have any informations on the flux of sand filter system?Varying flux in varying diameter?
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    Heat of dilution

    I have a problem here that troubles me for weeks. I was asked to calculate the final temperature if we dilute sodium hydroxide from initial concentration of 50% to final concentration of 2.1%. And also from intial 50% to final 20%. I got 2 answer that diffenrent a lot! 1 is 25.04 oC and the...
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    Neutralisation chemistry help

    can some one help me withe this? i want to neutralise a 400m3 of unknown solutions in pH 2 with sodium hydroxide. hw can i calculate the volume of alkaline needed? please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!