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    Pascal's law and pistons

    I have some questions in regards to a diagram that has a twist to the regular set up that is usually used with demonstrating Pascal's law and pistons. In the diagram I have attached, if you added a column of water on top of the large piston which is sealed at the top from the atmosphere, there...
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    How to attach a picture or diagram?

    Can someone tell me what is the best way to attach a picture or diagram on my posts? Something that shows on my post without the reader having to open an attachment??
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    Measuring energy capture of river turbine

    I understand that work done if we have (510,000 Kg or 5,000,000 N) of water falling 30 meters (like in a dam) would just be 5,000,000N * 30m= 150,000,000 Newton meters. But how would one measure the work captured by a turbine for a river that say travels 50km/h. I guess assuming the same mass...
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    Water cannon toy and pressure

    I have this toy I bought for my daughter. It is called a Geyser Water Cannon and supposedly it works using the Venturi effect. Basically it's a 2 foot cone that starts out with a wide diameter (1 foot) and narrows to about 1 inch - with openings on each end. When you pull down or push down...