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    2 questions (weightlessness and SHM)

    thank you, so is it that the satellite is exerting no reaction force on the astronaut as they are both falling at the same rate about earth? and for my 2nd question, there are no equations in my notes on SHM involving trigonometric quantities :frown: im pretty sure my teacher would have told...
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    2 questions (weightlessness and SHM)

    the acceleration of free fall of a satellite has a finite value so that an object at this position certainly has weight. making reference to the perception of weight by an observer, explain how astronauts inside this satellite arppear to be weightless. i thought weightlessness was when the...
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    Strain energy

    why is strain energy (i.e. the work done in stretching a wire) regarded as a form of potential energy? ehm i dont really know how to explain this. anyone help?
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    Some more electromagnetism questions (ac generators)

    A few more questions that i am stuck with: An AC generator has a coil area of 120cm². The coil has 100 turns. The generator produces a peak voltage of 29V when the coil is turning at 6000 revolutions per minute. Calculate the magnetic flux density (assumed uniform) required. The rate of...
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    My teacher hasnt been in and Im trying to self teach this topic. Can

    My teacher hasnt been in and Im trying to self teach this topic. Can anyone help me with this question, its probably quite simple but Im really stuck :redface: :frown: A flat circular coil of mean diameter 3.0cm has 500 turns and is situated so that the plane of the coil is perpendicular to a...
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    Lenz's Law/Conservation of Energy

    Show that Lenz's Law is consistent with the principle of conservation of energy. Lenz's Law states that an induced voltage will always act to appose the change that caused it. I'm just struggling to link this with the principle of conservation of energy. Can anyone help me out?
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    Magnetic Fields affect on voltage

    The north and south ends of two magnets are placed facing eachother so that they create a uniform magnetic field. A small metal object passes through the field with a constant velocity. Sketch a graph to show how voltage varies with time for the path of the object from t=0 to t=3 t=0 object...