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    Fluid Dynamics Question(not too difficult)

    Homework Statement The spout heights for a container are 10 cm, 20cm, 30cm, and 40cm. The water level is maintained at a 45 cm height by an outside supply. Which water steam has the greatest range relative to the base of the container. --- I know that the one at 20cm is the greatest range...
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    Force on an object problem

    Homework Statement A gun weighs 10lbs and the barrel length is 10.2 inches. It fires a .45 caliber bulect weighing .0328lbs at a speed of 918ft/s. How much force is exerted on the bullet when fired? Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution Here is what I did. Keep in mind...
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    Friction problem. Help Please?

    Homework Statement A wounded soldier caught in Line of fire is pulled away by his comrade with a force of 70lbs at 65 degrees. The wounded solider(with his gear) weighs 180 lbs and the coefficient of friction between him and ground is .55 How quickly will he be accelerated out of harms way...
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    Helicopter Lifting off(Newtons Laws). Help please?

    Homework Statement A medical helicopter weighs 7000 lbs. How much upward force must the propeller supply for it to lift off at 10ft/sec(squared)? Homework Equations T-w=ma, w=mg The Attempt at a Solution Here is what I tried: T-w=ma.....................w=mg---7000=m(32.2)=217.39k...
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    Average Power Problem

    Homework Statement A 1500kg car can go from zero to 90km/h in 5.0 seconds. What is the average power required to do this? Homework Equations I tried with P=Fv, I don't really know what else to use( The Attempt at a Solution First I converted the 90km/h to m/s and got 25m/s/ Then I...
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    Work and Power problem

    Homework Statement A tractor pulls a wagon with a constant force of 700N at a constant speed of 20.0 km/h. a) How much work is done by the tractor in 3.5min b) What is the tractor's power output? ANSWERS: a)8.16 x 10^6 J//b) 3888.8 watts 2. Relevant equation P=W/t or P=Fv The...