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    Tension in an object moving with circular motion

    Draw the FBD and analyse the forces acting on the body. Then frame an eqn. of horizontal and vertical eqbm. U can get the required ans
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    What will be the next big revolution?

    Superconductors at room temp. Could revolutionise everything Can send loads of current through a thin wire Many new and vast scopes will be opened.!!! Well, superconductors at nearly150Kand less are achieved... So not too far away future!!!!!
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    Polarisation of light

    Thank you
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    Polarisation of light

    What is birefringence??
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    Polarisation of light

    Is there any known polaroid/crystal which can polarise the light incident on it, twice?(once when incident and the other when the refracted light emerges)
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    Polarisation of light

    W.k.t light gets polarised when incident from rarer to denser medium.(gets polarised by reflection at a certain angle ie: angle of polarisation) But if the light is sent from a denser medium to rare mediym, will there be any polarisation?? If there is, will it be due to reflection?? And can the...