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    Space warp

    What exactly is a space warp?
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    Asteroidal bombardment

    I was thinking about how the "main stream" sci-fi shows have the magical starships with their fancy weapons and that's great but I think if they want to show how war will be fought in space they should know,a good general studies strategy but a great general studies logistics. The first thing...
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    Pumping space-time

    I consider myself a science fiction inventor. I have recently theorized a space-time pumping machine and want to use it as a faster than light propulsion theory. I really like to make my inventions very close to real physics and wonder if anybody knows concretely whether space-time can move...
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    Nuclear pile powerplant

    I have a basic understanding about the fissioning process in atom bombs and in nuclear reactors but that's not what my question is about. It's about a nuclear pile of a radio-active material. A pile of the element to power a space station of considerable size like say 500,000 Metric Tons. Is it...
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    Magnet effect on space-time.

    Can a magnetic field bend space-time?
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    Magnetic effect on light

    Can a magnetic field in a vacuum bend the path of light?
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    How much energy does it take to reach relativistic speeds?

    I'm trying to make a chart that displays how much energy it takes a rocket with x mass to reach Y factors of relativistic change but do not know how to build the equation that will give me such information. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Rail gun propulsion

    Is it possible to pervert a rail gun into a rocket? I'm understanding that plasma conducts electricity. If i could supply a rail gun with constant current and send in a constant feed of hot plasma into the rail gun would the machine send out plasma at high enough speeds to be used as a rocket...
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    Velocities in space relative to other objects

    Forgive me if I sound stupid here but is there anything that we could call Dead Space? An essence or quantum material that is traveling at zero velocity to everything? Something that we could say we are all traveling at x velocity relative to. I know we can all say we are traveling at such and...
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    Rocket with higher velocity than its own thruster.

    If I'm traveling at 22000 miles per second and fire a thruster with an exhaust velocity of 1700 miles per second does the thrust creat drag because I'm going faster? If not what is the effect?
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    Science fiction inventor with another science fiction question

    I am trying to come up with an idea of something tougher than steel for a starship hull and thought there might be a possibility of using a form of rock over an exoskeletal steel frame. I really am ignorant of temperature tolerences of any form of rock but am slightly aware of ceramics heat...
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    Science fiction inventor with physics question

    Hello, all! Thanks for all the help I have received on other threads. My latest science fiction invention is an battle ice cruiser. I have done the math for how to use energy weapons to compromise the ice shield around my ice ship but have no clue as to how to calculate how much impact ice at...
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    Physics question by sci-fi writer

    I hope someone can help me with this. i have a question about kinetic energy and kamikazi spaceships. If i have say a 40,000 Metric ton spacecraft that rams another ship at a specified velocity the other ship not moving i understand that i would apply the kinetic energy of the ramming ship to...
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    Relative increase in fuel mass

    if a rocketship in space is approaching the speed of light and its relative mass is increasing then i assume the fuel mass is increasing which would make it more potent the closer the ship gets to the speed of light which would give it infinite force when the ship reaches the speed of light...
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    Science fiction writer needs help on sci-fi weapon

    i'm not a physics major so i have to ask a question and i may not know what i'm talking about but here goes. if i had a giant circular accelerator accelerating a metal slug from zero velocity to high velocity with say 10^12 watts per electromagnet in a circle of 10 electromagnets is it possible...
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    Kinetic energy in an accelerator

    if i have a giant circular accelerator is it possible to accelerate a metal slug to a kinetic energy greater than the energy applied by any one of the electromagnets in the accelerator?