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    How to get published?

    Did you do experiments under the direction of that prof? Whoever you did research with, or the labs you collaborated with, ask those profs to help you with submitting your thesis. It might be easier to submit it if you have a published prof to back you up as the person who gave you guidance...
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    Engineering Nano Engineering/Math/CS

    My apologies for missing your post when I replied to everyone else's. My school doesn't offer a biomedical engineering program, and neither does a good number of reputable engineering schools (except as an option or specialization in mechanical, electrical, etc). The other thing is, if I...
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    Engineering Nano Engineering/Math/CS

    I'm at the University of Waterloo in Canada. My school has a very good reputation among engineering schools in Canada, but that is because of the good opportunities that the co-op program provides, not the teaching. I'm not joking, the one and only time I encountered a proof was on the bonus...
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    Engineering Nano Engineering/Math/CS

    All of the core courses in my curriculum are strictly for my program only. Everyone in my program is in my class and we take all the same core courses up until the last 2 years. They're probably not trying to weed anyone out considering this is the only "CS" course we take.
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    Engineering Nano Engineering/Math/CS

    They don't teach enough of the theory for my understanding. Calculus, lin alg, and stats are just a bunch of methods without proofs or derivations. Computation was a course solely focused on syntax memorization, which is not a good way to teach an intro programming course--our one and only...
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    Puzzles where both players play optimally

    Playing optimally means that both players will have insight into all possible next moves and will play in such a way to maximize their chance of winning without making a mistake. However, if all moves lead to the other player winning, then this player still has to play, and any move would be...
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    Other Should I Become an Engineer?

    -Should I become an engineer? It depends on you. For me a huge turn off was the misogynist attitudes that many engineers inevitably have, which I wasn't really aware of until I started university. The other thing is, if you have to know the theory in order to understand and appreciate them...
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    Physics Career options for Biophysics major?

    Have you considered bioinformatics? I looked into it a while back, it's relevant to many fields of biology such as analyzing protein structure, evolution, genetics, biochemical interactions, and large-data analysis.
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    X-ray Diffraction Theory

    Does anyone have a good book that explains X-ray diffraction theory well? Stuff like interference calculations, reciprocal space, diffracted amplitudes and intensity, and the Debye formula.
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    Engineering Nano Engineering/Math/CS

    Hey guys, I'm stuck in a rut. I'm currently in an engineering program--Nanotechnology, it's mostly focused on materials, chemistry, and electrical. In upper years there is an option to specialize in biology which is the original reason I wanted to attend this program. That specialization is...