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    DO-160 Pin Injection waveform generation

    Hi, Can I get some learning material or guidance on how to build equipment for generating specific waveforms of DO-160 section 22? Thanks
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    Sallen Key LPF Question

    Hi, I have a 4 pole active LPF. I am seeing that the amplitude of Vs1 & Vs2 is higher than the amplitude of input signal. I am not sure how. In my calculation, I have taken the amplitude of the fundamental harmonic of the square wave (input) into consideration, reduce it by 6db and multiply...
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    Low Pass Filter

    Hi, I am trying to understand the impact of cut off frequency on the gain and trying to relate it in time domain but unable to do so. For e.g., I have built a single pole RC filter wherein R and C values are chosen to match the cut off frequency of 1K (R = 10KΩ/C = 16nF). The input is a square...
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    AC to DC

    Hi, I have to detect overvoltage on each of the 3 phases (individually) of a 3 phase AC signal. The 3 phase AC source has a neutral that is grounded and I have to use the same ground plane for my PCB. I was thinking of using a full bridge rectifier for each of the 3 phase but the problem is...
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    Inverting Amplifier Question

    Hi, I was trying to simulate a simple inverting amplifier in LTSpice. However, the results that I get don't agree with what I am supposed to get. Please look at the PDF attached. Based on the current law, it is easy to tell that Vout = -Vin. But I am seeing Vout = app. 0V. Am I missing...
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    PMOS Working Concept

    Hi, I believe that to make a PMOS work, Vgs (th) needs to be negative but when I give -5V to source and connect it in a source follower mode i.e. vg = -5V, I do get an output. Can anyone tell me how and why? Thanks, - Hemant
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    Op-Amp Question

    Hi, I am new to circuit designing and I have a question on one of the parameters in the spec sheet of op - amp. I donot quiet understand (see the graph) what does the output saturation voltage v/s (overdrive voltage or load current) is and why is it almost the same for outout being low or...