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    Is starlight a TEM00 gaussian beam or plane wave?

    I am simulating a radio telescope and confused on what kind of source should I setup to simulate a star. Should it be a TEM00 gaussian beam or simply a plane wave? Cheers, Robin
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    Electric field between two plates

    1. Positive and negative charges are distributed evenly in two parallel plates with width "w". The density of the positive and negative charge is +\rho and -\rho. Assume that the length of the plates at y direction is \infty (a) Find the electric field in the plates (b) Let the electric...
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    Engineering Similarities between engineers and physicists

    Hello, I am currently doing a double degree program of engineering and science at Australian National University. However, due to budget constraint I am going to drop engineering and just do science which will only take 3 years instead of 5 years. I am interested in astronomy and electronics...