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    Schools What are the best schools for Neurophysics/Comp. Neuroscience

    Hey guys, I'll be applying for Physics and Comp. Neuroscience PhD programs in the Fall. Any good schools worth applying to? Which schools consider "neuro-related" physics their strength? All I know is on the East Coast, UNC has a Neurophysics lab, and on the West Coast, Berkeley & UCSD are...
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    Former Premed wants to Quantum Computation/Computational Neuroscience

    Hey guys! I have a double degree in Biochem (B.S.) & Physics (B.A.) from Virginia, and I wanted to request some career guidance. Initially in college, I was a premed staying on the Biochem. Then I discovered the awesomeness that was Feynman and rest of physics. String theory really pulled...
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    Courses Advanced Physics Online Courses

    Hi, I just finished up a B.A. in Physics at UVa, but I had some major holes in my curriculum. I took Modern physics, QM, and then GR, but never took E&M and Stat. Mech. Aside from MIT OCW, are there universities that offer advanced physics online courses for grade so I can patch these classes up...