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    Courses Math Courses For Condensed Matter Theory or Quantum Optics

    What extra math courses should an undergrad take (or self-study) if they want to go into Quantum Optics or Condensed Matter theory? I've already taken calculus, linear algebra, ODEs, PDEs, and complex analysis (I will also be doing a second course on linear algebra in two months time).
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    Quantum Atoms, Molecules, and Solids Course?

    I'm thinking of taking a course called Atoms, Molecules, and Solids this semester and I wanted to get a feel for the material beforehand to see if I'll like the course. If anyone could recommend a textbook based off this course description, I'd appreciate it: Quantum theory of atoms...
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    Undergraduate Math for Quantum Optics vs Particle Physics

    I'm halfway through my junior year and I'm hoping to do Quantum Optics or Particle Physics in graduate school (I'm doing the recommended courses for both since I'm still undecided). Besides the math required from the physics major (ie. Calculus, linear algebra, ODEs, PDEs, complex analysis)...
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    Classical Optics Textbook Recommendations

    I'm taking a junior course on optics. The professor said it would be up to us to find a textbook to use. For this course the prerequisites are E&M (Griffiths level), classical mechanics (Morin level), and multivariable calculus. Anyone have recommendations on a textbook for this class? Course...
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    Intro Math Introduction to Proofs Textbook Recommendation

    I'm planning on taking an Abstract Math and Linear Algebra II (essentially a more theoretical continuation to the first linear algebra course which all physics majors take) in order to later take courses like group theory, number theory, analysis, etc. But I have close to no knowledge with how...
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    How to learn Python fast?

    Do anyone know of a good detailed book or website that would help me learn Python quickly? I have assignments that must be done in Python for one of my physics courses. I'm supposed to know how to do it since last semester but had a greater deal of trouble picking up on it and didn't have much...