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    Visual mathematicians?

    Do you know any influential mathematicians that are visual thinkers? especially those who wrote books. For example mathematicians that think and write like Roger Penrose,Benoit Mendelbrot,Vladimir Arnold,Sir M.Atiyah who are very keen on using diagrams and drawings in their writings.
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    Unusual (original) books?

    I would to know if anyone knows any books in mathematics or physics at any level : -Which treat their subject in an unusual maybe even original ways? -Treat topics rarely touched upon in standard ones? -Any book that's not very known but which you regard as useful ? -Whether this book is...
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    Explain french ''Grandes écoles'' to me

    The best establishments for higher education(I'm interested in only mathematics or/and physics) in France are not the universities but ''Les grandes écoles'',like l'Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS for short),and l'Ecole Polytechnique. They produce a lot of great mathematicians,and have a very...
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    (good) Problem book for a variety of topics?

    I've bought Mathematics: Its Content, Methods and Meaning Kolmogorov, Aleksandrov, and Lavrent'ev ( because it was cheap and had Kolmogorov as an author),it's very very interesting (that chapter on electric is kind of useless) ,sadly there are no problems . I would like to ask for suggestions...
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    Schools Mediocre university, mediocre career?

    If you were to be an undergraduate in a run-of-the-mill university,would that mean that you'll be a second rate professional?Or does it all depend on the effort you put in? (What I want is a solid technical ability,and a decent understanding of the profession,the money or the prestige are...
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    I hate axiomatics

    I have an incredible distaste for the axiomatic approach ,it's a very bad method,I think ,for teaching or learning about mathematics.I don't understand why I feel this way, I always thought inductive reasoning in mathematics ,the sort you find with physicist,is better than the deductive...
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    Suicide,it doesn't get better,or does it ?

    I generally feel somewhat happy with my life,but sometimes reality just hits you in the face, and you realize that you're most likely not going be able to do what you want to do , or be who you want to be. You just don't have the money , the upbringing,or the skills needed to do anything...
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    University to get out of the third world? how?

    Are there universities which you get to from a third world country? ( especially those specialized in mathematics and teach in either english or french). Preferably in europe. How to get there? How much does it cost? Is it too hard?
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    Why do some many here hate Strang's Calculus book?

    I've seem many admins describe this book as ''bad'' or ''awful'', I don't think that,it's a very good book (and like Strang's other books) developes intuition for the subject,it teaches through examples, and also contains relevant applications,in constrast with Spivak's book which tries to...
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    Somewhat Rigorous thermodynamics?

    Any thermodynamics book that's somewhat mathematical,but is still for beginners?
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    Advanced calculus like Sternberg's but less abstract

    I've read Spivak 's calculus so I tried Sternberg 's book,IT IS kind of hard,because the abstraction is put upfront,I know of his other book with Bamberg, but a review on amazon deterred me from buying it,was I right in doing so? Any adv.Calculus book that have some physics in it like Sternberg's?
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    Calculus books, intuitive but rigorous?

    I've tried to learn calculus many times from many books,I've come to the conclusion that there is no ideal book on this subject. I've read Spivak's book,and greatly enjoyed its problems but I felt unstatisfied by the explanations and the illustration were very poor ,and the only chapter on...
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    Math enthusiast wants to learn

    I'm an english major with a vivid interest in mathematics,I've read and enjoyed What Is Mathematics? by Courant and Robbins (does this count as some background?),and I've decided to begin a serious study of mathematics, I've looked up many books and judged them by the reviews on ams ,maa and...