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    Combine laser beam with LED

    I want to create a visible pattern of light from 1-5 feet away. The pattern would have a bright dot in the middle (ala sniper sight) visible in bright light at 5 feet. The cheap toy pointers seem to work just fine. It would also have a filled circular pattern around the dot, 8" in diameter at 4'...
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    Help with water pump calculations

    I have a rain barrel 20 feet below a deck. I want to pump water from the rain barrel up to a small container (2 gallons) once a day. I'm thinking it should take less than 15 minutes to fill. I've found a pump I like that has the following specs, but it may be too powerful, but it's cheap ($15)...
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    How to configure a T connection for graywater collection

    Because of drought conditions here in California, I am building a graywater collection system. One aspect of this system is the collection of water from the sink while it is running just to get hot water. So the idea is that whenever I need hot water in the bathroom (for shower or sink) I run...
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    Please explain curious behavior with my rainwater barrel

    I have a barrel that collects rainwater from the gutters on my house. At the bottom of the barrel is a manual 'faucet' with a round handle for turning the flow on and off. On that spigot, I have installed a "Y" fitting. One side of the "Y" goes to the irrigation hose which I turn on when the...