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    Fluid Mechanics - Torque at hinge of closed vessel

    The closed vessel contains water with an air pressure of 10 psi at the water surface. One side of the vessel contains a spout closed by a 6-inch diameter circular gate hinged along one side. Horizontal axis of the hinge is located 10 ft below the water surface. Determine the minimum torque that...
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    Fluid Mechanics - Pressure - U-Tube Manometer

    A piston having a cross-sectional area of 0.07 m^2 is located in a cylinder containing water as shown in the figure. An open u-tube manometer is connected to the cylinder as shown. For h1=60 mm and h=100 mm, what is the value of the applied force, P, acting on the piston? The weight of the...
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    Non-defense Aerospace jobs?

    Hi, I am an undergrad Aerospace engineering student, and I am going to start my junior year this Spring. I'm really interested in what I'm studying, but the job market for Aerospace engineers is predominantly federal. Does anyone know of, or can think of, or work for a company that is in need...
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    Lenses and Mirrors A concave mirror has a focal length of 62.4 cm. Determine the object position for which the resulting image is upright and four times the size of the object. What formula do I use for this question? :confused:
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    Induced emf

    A 5.56m long steel beam is accidentally dropped by a construction crane from a height of 3.97m. The horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field over the region is 28.4e-6T. Acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What is the induced emf in the beam just before impact with the Earth...
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    Magnetic Fields

    A 1.59 m long wire weighing 0.0668 N/m is suspended directly above an infinitely straight wire. The top wire carries a current of 32.4 A and the bottom wire carries a current of 24.5 A. Find the distance of seperation between the wire so that the top wire will be held in place by the magnetic...
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    Magnetic Force on segment of wire

    A segment of wire carries a current of 30 A along the x-axis from x=-6m to x=0 and then along the z axis from z=0 to z=5.5m. In this region of space, the magnetic field is equal to 14mT in the positive z direction. What is the magnitude F of the force on the segment of wire? Answer in units of...
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    Charged particles in magnetic field

    I've been trying to work this, but the way I'm substituting, I get no variables left...:-\ It's...freaky lol. The question is Suppose a new particle is discovered, and it is found that a beam of these particles passes undeflected through "crossed" electric and magnetic fields, where E=316 V/m...
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    Air-filled parallel-plate capacitor question

    An air-filled parallel-plate capacitor is to have a capacitance of 0.4 F. If the distance between the plates is 0.7mm, calculate the required surface area of each plate. Answer in mi^2. Okay, so I used the Capacitance equation where C=(EoA)/d where Eo is a constant 8.85e-12 C^2/N.m^2 and A...
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    Electric Fields, Insulators, Conductors

    I am going to attach the question along with this post so that you guys can see the questions and the diagram and be able to help me in answering my question better. I found the ccharge on the inner sphere and it is -3.928e-9 and the charge on the outer sphere is 8.15698e-9. Now I have to...
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    Find the final speed of the heavier particle

    Two particles, of masses m and 3m, are moving toward each other along the x-axix with the same initial speeds of 9.81 m/s. Mass m is travelling to the left, and mass 3m is traveling to the right. They undergo a head-on elastic collision and each rebounds along the same line as it approached...
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    A 66.9 g mass is attached to the end of an unstressed vertical spring

    A 66.9 g mass is attached to the end of an unstressed vertical spring (of constant 63 N/m) and then dropped. What is its maximum speed? How far does it drop before coming to rest momentarily? I wasn't sure how to go about this problem. If anyone could help?
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    Kinetic and Potential Energy

    A ball is thrown upward. At a height of 10 meters above the ground, the ball has a potential energy of 50 Joules (with the potential energy equal to zero at ground level) and is moving upward with a kinetic energy of 50 Joules. Air friction is negligible. The maximum height 'h' reached by the...
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    Horizontal force and Tension

    Q1. A 3.87 kg block is held in equilibrium on an incline by the horizontal force F. The incline makes a 23.6 degree angle with the horizontal. Determine the magnitude of F. Answer in units of N. Q2. The distance between two telephone poles is 48 m. When a 1.36 kg bird lands on the telephone...
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    Magnitude of the Initial Velocity

    Given: g = 9.8 m/s^2 A cannon sends a projectile towards a target a distance 1250m away. The initial velocity makes an angle 40 degrees with the horizontal. The target is hit. What is the magnitude of the initial velocity? How high is the highest point of the trajectory? How long does...
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    Circular Velocity

    The speed of the tip of the minute hand on a town clock is 0.00112 m/s. What is the speed of the tip of the second hand of the same length? Answer in units of m/s. I don't even know where to start. We've been doing centripetal acceleration but I don't know how this even fits in to that? I...
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    Two bodies are falling with negligible air resistance

    Two bodies are falling with negligible air resistance, side by side, above a horizontal plane. If one of the bodies is given an additional horizontal acceleration during its descent, it 1. has the vertical component of its velocity altered 2. strikes the plane at the same time as the...