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    When will fusion power be economically viable?

    Can anyone here tell me how long it will be (roughly) until hydrogen fusion power stations are producing energy at economic rates? it cant be far off can it? thx
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    Why string theory so great?

    if string theory is so brillient how come i cant find any info on how string theory says beta decay MUST happen. I keep asking and getting the answer "string theory does not yet deal with that level of detail". I mean, how can this be?? how can a theory be so widly accepted and not explain the...
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    Leptons produced during beta decay

    i know ive asked this before and please delete it if i cant post it again, but i didnt get an answer last time and it seems to be to be a fundemental problem in my understanding. does string theory answer the question of how to leptons can be produced from one quark? if i undserstand string...
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    Particle spin

    is fermonic spin the same as polarisation of a particle? example of what i mean. When light is reflected it comes partly polarised right? this means only some photons are reflected along a certain plane. does this difference in polarisation affect the way the particles interact with other...
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    Difference between spin and polarisation?

    can someone explain to me the difference between spin and polarisation?? someone told me they were the same thing and now im getting confussed. :confused: Tom
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    Ultra high energy cosmic particles?

    ultra high energy cosmic particles?? I know there have been serveral instances where protons have been detected travelling through our atmosphere with energies in excess of 3*10^{20} eV. This means that they might cause macroscopic effects as the proton would be travelling at speeds close to C...
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    Entire Standard Model

    Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a single book / website / paper with the entire standard model in it to date. e.g one giant book with everything about classical physics (facts and equations) in it... what about one about the entire of Quantum Mechanics to date? I only ask because...
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    What is the evidence for a higgs particle?

    Ive started to hear alot about this 'higgs' particle recently. Any chance sum1 can explain to me what the particle is/does/comes from etc?? any help would be great. also what are the implications of its existance?? :confused:
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    The momentum of a photon

    i have a question that'll really test your minds...or not.... Im still just getting to grips with some of this physics stuff but i cant work this out. If light travels through an object it takes longer to pass through than in a vacuum right? now if heard this is because the photons are...