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    1H-NMR for conformation elucidation

    Hello, I have having some difficulty determining the conformer and assigning H-NMR peaks for a compound with a N,N-diisopropylacetamidine (R-NH-C(CH3)N(2[CH[2(CH3)]])... essentially a diisopropylamine added to CH3CN (ACN). my H-NMR spectrum (at room temp) in CD3CN consists of: I have assigned...
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    Quantum yield: fluorescence spectrum correction

    Hello, I hope all is well, I have a few questions regarding fluorescence spectral corrections. I have run into an issue with corrections on the instrument I'm using. I have obtained spectra for a few compounds where the correction was working properly and achieve the results as expected. When...
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    Quantum Yield Determination

    Hello, I have been measuring quantum yields in the lab for quite some time and have occasionally been running into some difficulty with my fluorescence spectra. The intensity (CPS) of the spectra for the same molecule will remain the same under the same conditions most of the time; then, every...
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    Computation of 2nd and 3rd Virial Coefficients

    Homework Statement Compute the 2nd and 3rd Virial coefficients at 300K of Ar. Experimental parameters are mentioned in xlist and ylist below :) Homework Equations My professor has given a hit, which is as follows: "Use the data to determine the (z) compressability (sp?) and plot Z as a...