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    Trigonometry problem

    I have reduced a problem I am trying to solve to something simpler though rather difficult: Four side lengths and an angle uniquely describe a quadrilateral, solve one of the angles adjacent to the one given. No matter what algebraic / trigonometric manipulations I apply I cannot get a...
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    Line intersections.

    I have a series of points on a 2 dimensional plane that form a polygon. Somewhere inside the polygon I have another point and an angle that defines a ray. What algorithm would I use to find which interval is first interstected with the ray? If the point happens to be outside the polygon then I...
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    Who discovered Trigonometry?

    I have read that astronomers are responsible for much of the advances in trig hundreds of years ago but never seem to find who exactly pioneered this field of research.
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    Challenge Challenge where you have to make each number from four 4s

    Have you ever heard of that challenge where you have to make each number from four 4s? This list is the best I have been able to come up with, will you help me fill in the gaps? Any solution that is simpler than one here can take its place, for example if you come up with a solution to 33 that...