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    Offshoot from 'Theoretically how far can one see in the universe'

    Only comment on this is that most of this is correct WITHIN the current model used for the cosmological redshift. The model itself is NOT fully proved and the details -- such as the actual values of distances quoted -- are subject to change and revision of the model -- as is true for all...
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    Measuring the Expansion Velocity of the Universe

    Abstract The intent of this paper is to derive as much as possible a value for the expansion velocity of the universe. This is not the Hubble parameter, although it will be derived as an addition. The expansion velocity is taken as the value of the recession velocity in co-moving space. The...
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    Was there a 'birth of gravity'?

    'Birth of gravity' is a lead in question to an area I fully admit ahead of time I know little. What I'm wanting to ask is: At what point in the big bang model is gravity REQUIRED in order to explain our known data? Obviously, it has been around since the time of the surface of last...
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    Ramafications to flatness

    This has likely been asked before but my attempts at searches did not yield what I was looking for. Assuming the universe is perfectly flat (so far that seems very possible), what are the ramifications? Such as to: 1) Inflation 2) Dark Matter 3) Dark Energy 4)...
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    Is there an intermediate 'particle' to pair production?

    This question was brought to mind while reading other threads. I didn't think it was appropriate to diverge those threads off their subjects, so I started a new one. (hope this is right). I'm specifically thinking about the extremely rare event of the interaction of two gamma rays as the...
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    Assumption of spherical nature of the universe

    I guess the question is: Is the often used spherical symmetry of the universe just an assumption or is there evidence to support this? I don't mean, nature of 'observing' so much has the properties or symmetry? Trying for an example: many particles have spin -- does the universe have...