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    Solving 2 inequalities with imaginary numbers?

    I have 2 equations, imaginary ones, and 2 unknowns....trying to solve for them..but the answer i got, works with one, but not the other: i*Z1 - i*Z2 = -2 - i Z1 + 3i*Z2 = 4 + 7i where i is the imaginary number, and Z1 and Z2 are the 2 unknowns the answer i got: Z1 : 1.33333 +...
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    Planar graphs with minimum degree

    ok, here is the question: Let G be a graph with minimal degree \delta(G) = 5, but suppose there exists only one vertex v\in V_{G} such that d(v) = \delta(G). Prove that G is not planar. ok, i can do this visually. if i draw the vertex v and its edges to its points, and then draw points...
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    Strong primality test ?

    strong primality test ... ?? ok, bear with me ... we learned weak primality tests (given n and base a,::: a^(n-1) mod n ::: if it does not equal 1, then its composite, if it equals 1, then MAYBE prime) ... then we learned strong primes .... think of n-1 = m2^k when m is odd. test ::: a^m...
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    Graph theory: quick question(s)

    what's the difference between a subgraph and an induced subgraph? looking here: how is the figure K8 ? isn't that K10 ?? also, what is a spanning subgraph?
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    Clock/modular arithmetic anyone?

    anyone familiar with this, along with some RSA and calculating large powers with modular arithmetic (im lost at the name of it currently). i have attached the test that I took last week ... he allows us to take home the exact same test home, and do it again, and he combines the grades ...
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    Positron in a magnetic field help

    some more basic homework help!! can you guys point me in the right direction, where to start? (grrr, so freakin lost in this class) 11. A 22.5-eV positron (positively charged electron) is projected into a uniform magnetic field B = 455[mu]T with its velocity vector making an angle of 65.5...
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    How much

    how much .... seriously, how much bandwidth is used up every month? is it possible to allocate some of that bandwidth elsewhere? and a member has his own website with xxx bandwidth each month. the member hardly uses any of his bandwidth, and maybe could somehow "donate"...
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    What is the difference between the potential difference, and its emf?

    ok, i guess i didnt see this forum ... i posted in another forum my question: ok, im taking engineering physics II ... unfortunately, im forced to take this as part of my COMPUTER SCIENCE degree ... (why i have no idea..stupid...
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    Whats the difference?

    ok, im taking engineering physics II ... unfortunately, im forced to take this as part of my COMPUTER SCIENCE degree ... (why i have no idea..stupid, as i dont really care how many newtons of force it takes me to push a key on the keyboard, and how much current it takes to go from the keyboard...