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  1. Noaha

    Rotor and stator flux in 3 phase Induction motor

    The rotor and stator flux speed are stationary with respect to each other in 3 phase induction motor. What will happen if there is relative speed between them? How these two fluxes interact with each other to develop a torque?
  2. Noaha

    Why armature MMF is triangular in waveform?

    Why armature mmf is triangular in waveform? According to Faraday's law, the mmf should be rectangular. But I read some where that the total mmf of all the coils sums up to produce triangular waveform. I don't understand how that happen.
  3. Noaha

    Core volume of 1 phase transformer

    Homework Statement The flux density in a single phase core type symmetric(length=breadth=height) transformer is B and flux is Φ. Can we find out the volume of core of transformer if the height of limb is h? Homework Equations Φ = B * Cross sectional area The Attempt at a Solution Can we say...
  4. Noaha

    Change in direction of electric field on conductor surface

    I would like to know why electric field of EM waves changes it's direction to opposite when hitting a conductor surface. I know that electric field inside a conductor is zero but I am not able to connect these two situations.