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    How do you solve for x in this radical equation?

    sqrt[x]{64} = 4 How do you solve for x? I mean obviously the answer is x = 3 but how do you prove this algebraically?
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    Earth's magnetic field?

    The most widely accepted theory that explains this is called the self-exciting dynamo theory. It postulates that the earth rotating in its' magnetic field induces a current within the core. The composition of the core has large amounts of iron in it. Because the iron is hot, being heated way...
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    Stoping light or atleast slowing it down

    Just do a google search here Google Search: Stopping Light. Are select one of the links below: [PLAIN][/URL] [PLAIN][/URL] Stopping light could lead to quantum advance in computing | CNET...
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    Packet Transfer; Clock Cycles

    I observed with several electronic devices (primarily romote controls) which use infrared light emitting diodes (IR-LEDs) to send data is that with some, if the LED is viewed closely and carefully enough you can see a red light flash when being used. I know that IR light is invisible, and I'm...
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    Moon-landing conspiracy theories weightless but persistent

    There are three things said about the moon landing that I find credible against it. [list=1] Remember certain motion pictures of the American flag and all? The flag is blowing as if there is wind. Well, the moon is too small and hence, gravity too feeble to support an atmosphere. So how can a...
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    Magnetic film

    Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets are dangerous because they're so powerful. They're the most powerful permanent magnets known. So if you come close to any ferromagnetic material with them it will attract it at a high velocity which can injure you.
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    What's your opinion on SUVs?

    Allrrrright! My first hot thread :smile:. I thought this would get people going heh . To counterbalance the anti-SUV article I posted earlier, here is a pro-SUV web site I found Welcome to SUVlove.
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    What's your opinion on SUVs?

    Anymore opinions? It is an even vote so far with 33% for each. That's exactly what I expected because a lot of people seem to hate and love SUVs. But three votes isn't that much. Anymore opinions? This is an anti-SUV article I found at...
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    What's your opinion on SUVs?

    According to sources I read, the 1946 Jeep Station Wagon is considered by many to be the first SUV. It had two-wheel drive, a seven-passenger capacity and a top speed of 65 mph. I don't know about its' gas mileage or weight. Today's SUV more likely has four-wheel drive, a five to nine-passenger...
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    Americans are genetically superior to all others.

    Apparently because the depressing economy Japan has been experiencing, a unprecedented high crime rate has stroked Japan according to sources I read a few months back. Not that that has much to do with longevity though, or at least right now. Honestly, I'm not sure about the life expectancy...
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    Americans are genetically superior to all others.

    I think Andorra use to have the longest life expectancy. It was like an avg 94 years for men and women if I remember correctly. That may not be true now, however. But even with that America being 5% (291 million / 6.2 billion) of the world's population owning 1/4 ($10 trillion / $40 trillion) of...
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    Magnetic Concentration

    Is the soft iron core the only known way of concentrating magnetism? I know that Halbach arrays create a sort of "monopole" by canceling the field on one side of the magnet but that, in my opinion, is not really concentration but rather asymmetrical field distortion. Afterall, the array doesn't...
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    Free Energy Device

    Yeah I know thermodynamics says it's a scientific impossibility, but what is the closes inventors have come to a free energy device? Or what is the best energy producing system out there for its size[?]
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    Perpendicular Everything

    To HallsofIvy: Oh yeah your right. Perpendicular is the way electromagnetic waves makeup travel; electric and magnetic fields at right angles to each other. For some reason I thought it was a scientific definition of straight motion, but now that I looked it up in the dictionary I see that is...
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    Speed of Sound

    Does anyone have an equation that gives the speed of sound in respect to the density and temperature of the medium in which the sound wave is propagating? I know the speed of sound in average temperature air molecules is like 700mph (I think).
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    Perfect Square Trinomial

    Okay so you want to find the square of this binomial (8x + 2)^2. The square of it is what they call a perfect square trinomial which is: (8x + 2)^2 = (binomial right now) (8x + 2)(8x + 2) = (8x * 8x) + (8x * 2) + (8x * 2) + (2 * 2) = 64x^2 + 16x + 16x + 4 = (64x^2 + 32x + 4) = the perfect...
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    How is it possible to multiply a unit of mass by a unit of distance

    Thanks for the welcome. Maybe interchangable is the wrong word but isn't it true that relativity says when objects approach light speed their mass increases? Consequently, isn't this saying (exclusively when at high speeds) mass and speed (near C) are related to each other in sort of a weird way?
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    How is it possible to multiply a unit of mass by a unit of distance

    Albert Einstein's "Special Relativity" suggests that when mass is moving near light speed it becomes more massive. Since time and distance are related to speed (speed is the distance a object reaches in a certain time) and mass becomes more massive when near high speeds these entities that seem...
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    Perpendicular Everything

    Straight Aristocracy If the latter part of this is true it postulates that if an object which was put into motion by an unknown entity in zero gravity is moving in a circle a force must be acting upon it. Hence, no object will inertially move in a circle unless it is a spin (rotation on its'...