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    When will fusion power be economically viable?

    agreed, i personally feel the later is more probable. :( Thanks for the info on fusion power stations.
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    When will fusion power be economically viable?

    Can anyone here tell me how long it will be (roughly) until hydrogen fusion power stations are producing energy at economic rates? it cant be far off can it? thx
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    Volts, current, Amps?

    Just for fun... in everyday household appliances the 'net' movement of electrons through a wire is just millimeters per second! quite a paradox seeing as we are used to electrons travelling very quickly...
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    The brazil nut effect

    This is used to great effect in coffee percolators. The coffee is placed in a compartment above the water. The water is boiled and the vapour will travel to the top and condence back to a liquid. This liquid runs though the coffee back to the bottom taking with it any disolvable coffee...
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    Atoms & Black Holes

    This isnt really my area but i once read sumthing along the lines of... when a star shrinks to a singularity its gravitational pull is such that is warps space-time into a loop. To me this means that it can have mass but no volume. Also it should have infinite density directly because it has no...
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    Why string theory so great?

    I share your thoughts Chronos! but i dont think that it discredits it just makes it seem even more unlikly. Thanks marcus for all the quotes, they are very interesting. I read back though my original post and i think i miswrote that part about acceptance. im aware that it isnt accepted as a...
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    Why string theory so great?

    if string theory is so brillient how come i cant find any info on how string theory says beta decay MUST happen. I keep asking and getting the answer "string theory does not yet deal with that level of detail". I mean, how can this be?? how can a theory be so widly accepted and not explain the...
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    Leptons produced during beta decay

    so why were quarks once considered fundemental if they can decay into other particles? it seems to me that they must be made of constituent particles for beta decay to happen in the way that you described (assuming the w+,w- and z0 vector bosons have rest mass > 0). which they must do to...
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    Leptons produced during beta decay

    i know ive asked this before and please delete it if i cant post it again, but i didnt get an answer last time and it seems to be to be a fundemental problem in my understanding. does string theory answer the question of how to leptons can be produced from one quark? if i undserstand string...
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    Charge question?

    anyone give me link to a pdf of website with the maxwell eqs? i wanna have a go at messing around with them a bit.
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    Photon Absorption

    ok so we have to consider the structure of spacetime... does string theory answer the question of how to leptons can be produced from one quark? if i undserstand string theory at all i believe it states that each fundemental particle is a vibrating string. I still cant work out how one string...
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    Simple qn on sound

    as for the 'funky ambulance', in the UK we have ambulance...nothing new, but they have 2 or 3 different sirens. first they do have that 'whhheeeiiiooo' noise and the one that has 2 tones. Both seems to work well as far as my sound perception goes! i can still tell there is a dopler effect with...
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    Photon Absorption

    can i add something in here?? not an answer but a new question. you say that protons structure can be determined? ive always wondred how an electron and electron antineutrino can be emited from a neutron during beta decay to form a proton. i understand there must be conservation of mass and...
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    Particle spin

    ok thanks, can you give an explanation of why in any quantum energy level there are two 'types' of electron, s_z=+\frac{1}{2} and s_z=-\frac{1}{2} and yet i was told all 'naturally' occuring electrons spin to the left!? was i being lied to or am i missing something? :uhh: is it only when...
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    What speed do subatomic particles travel around the nucleus?

    being out by a factor of 10 isnt bad for me ;-) my sketchy mathes is always a little wrong! can anyone come up with a real answer? or shall i search google? Tom
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    What speed do subatomic particles travel around the nucleus?

    i think i heard a while ago that an electron takes about 150 attoseconds (150 quintillionths (10^{-18}) of a second) to 'orbit' a nucleus. if we take the diameter of an atom to be 10^{-10} metres we can VERY roughly make a guess at its speed. \frac{\pi10^{-10}}{150^{-18}}=2.1*10^{8}ms^{-1}...
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    Particle spin

    is fermonic spin the same as polarisation of a particle? example of what i mean. When light is reflected it comes partly polarised right? this means only some photons are reflected along a certain plane. does this difference in polarisation affect the way the particles interact with other...
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    Basics of Fusion

    ok i will, thx guys, i think the website was pretty old. ;)
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    Basics of Fusion

    Whats the lastest ideas on Cold Fusion then?? i just read some stuff on the Fleischmann and Pons work and it appears it was never rejected and yet i havnt heard of any research being conducted ATM. I thought the Fleischmann and Pons work produced 50%+ more energy than put in? this would make it...
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    Difference between spin and polarisation?

    can someone explain to me the difference between spin and polarisation?? someone told me they were the same thing and now im getting confussed. :confused: Tom
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    Psychokinesis science possible?

    There have been attempts made by a guy in mancester, UK, to prove his telekinesis or psychokinesis or whatever mathmatiaclly, but i dont know the details or whether he was successful....i assume not seeing as i didnt get a wonderful email from CNN about it yet. If it was possible, id be the...
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    Ultra high energy cosmic particles?

    ultra high energy cosmic particles?? I know there have been serveral instances where protons have been detected travelling through our atmosphere with energies in excess of 3*10^{20} eV. This means that they might cause macroscopic effects as the proton would be travelling at speeds close to C...
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    Entire Standard Model

    Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a single book / website / paper with the entire standard model in it to date. e.g one giant book with everything about classical physics (facts and equations) in it... what about one about the entire of Quantum Mechanics to date? I only ask because...
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    What is the evidence for a higgs particle?

    thanks guys this was all great stuff :smile:
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    WHY does a mirror work?

    would anyone mind giving me a quick lesson on how the photons conserve the angle of reflection... as far as i can tell it wasnt answered here. (maybe i missed it) the only answer i can guess at is that maybe we have to take into acount the momentum of the whole object (mirror). when a photon...
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    What is the evidence for a higgs particle?

    Ive started to hear alot about this 'higgs' particle recently. Any chance sum1 can explain to me what the particle is/does/comes from etc?? any help would be great. also what are the implications of its existance?? :confused:
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    The momentum of a photon

    i have a question that'll really test your minds...or not.... Im still just getting to grips with some of this physics stuff but i cant work this out. If light travels through an object it takes longer to pass through than in a vacuum right? now if heard this is because the photons are...
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    Can someone explain?

    I dont doubt that your right (im not all to good at physics) but can you explain how a massless boson has momentum when the formula for momentum is p = m/v. According to the equation the photons momentum should be zero! Help?!? :confused: