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    Is it natural to be scared?

    For a person observing another one moving relative to him, the time interval for an event 'in there' (ie, the event in which the time is proper) is slower for a person observing that, from what I remember in basic special relativity that much is true. Your next statements though, seems a little...
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    Funny maths and physics answers

    That circular reasoning almost gave me cancer.
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    How Michio Kaku, Alex Filippenko, Laura Danly, et al. earn their pay

    Whoa, watch out we've got some badass over there.
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    Can Beauty be described in terms of mathematics?

    Isn't the occurrence of the golden ratio to 'beautiful' things subject to confirmation bias? We might have an 'ugly' thing that still has golden ratio in it, but we might not be counting these instances.
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    Memorising formulas or deriving them?

    Are you, in any way, trying to reconstruct/rediscover mathematics/science from scratch yourself?
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    Memorising formulas or deriving them?

    Every time a very neat theorem is presented in front of me, I'm having similar thoughts. It's just a bit of a shame though, a lot of my peers, or even my instructors seem to see theorems only as a very useful tool, and wouldn't really care how they are proved or expound on them. About...
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    Ok I slapped someone and I feel bad

    An atheist meeting sounds pretty hippie actually, were there any purpose for that? Do people hold those like it's some hobbyists convention?
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    Chuck Norris math jokes

    Chuck Norris can divide by zero.
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    Newton and Calculus

    I've never been formally educated in Abstract Algebra, which I think is the heart of what you are calling Algebra (you mean Elementary Algebra right?). It's mind-blowing just thinking of how consistent that 'equation manipulation is'. I think, with mathematics you can define lots of things and...
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    Is confidence a good thing?

    I think it is good, to some degree. I have, on certain occasions, performed better by being assured that what I am doing at the moment is something I am quite competent at, thus I am confident about it. But for things where I have a biased preconception of 'this isn't just my thing', or at least...
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    How can I stop being careless ?

    Now I'm curious about how the 'veterans' here in PF handle their screw ups (if you guys ever had) during their college days. I didn't know it could be pretty frustrating, it's like you know you understand what stuff is going on but you just can't pull it of during times when it counts. I hope...
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    How can I stop being careless ?

    This thread is relevant to my interests, I also have the same problem. Even though I've solved lots of problem it would still strip me off points from exams (which is pretty hardcore since I'd always cringe after the exams thinking how could I have answered the whole thing the other way around)...
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    College is going to be HARD!

    You seem to be excited haha. I also use the same introductory physics textbook (assuming that one's from Young and Freedman) I suggest you read each page as much as you can, or at least read every page of the 'required' topics that you'd go through that semester. It was pretty effective for me...
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    Anime Discussion Thread

    I stopped watching Bleach too about the Arrancar arc. The soul society arc seems to be the best part, and after that you're back with the usual mainstream shonen anime with the Dragonball Z formula. It's the same with Naruto, though for some reason I just kept reading the manga every week, it's...
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    Anime Discussion Thread

    Maybe a slightly geeky kid would haha.
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    Anime Discussion Thread

    They used to broadcast Cardcaptor Sakura here, I used to watch when I was a kid too. One of the earlier works of CLAMP, the ones who did the character design for Code Geass if I'm not mistaken.
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    Anime Discussion Thread

    Nah, Anime/Manga is pretty cool, those Japanese people are pretty creative. Most people would see it as something childish (your mother probably does), but most of them are actually deep and there are a handful that's not even something you'd show a child.
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    Anime Discussion Thread

    Well, it is surprising, considering how much 'geeks' are here, there would probably people who are into cartoons (regardless of it being, western or japanese). And yeah, Death Note was pretty cool back then, I thought it was some obscure manga when it was still ongoing, and since it's got a...
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    Anime Discussion Thread

    I guess most people in here would like the seinen + science fiction combo genre. @Number Nine: If you liked Narutaru, you'd probably like Bokurano too. It's from the same author, with the same depressing theme. I think this is the first anime/manga discussion thread ever made here. It's quite...
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    Solving the Riemann Hypothesis The topic has appeared a few times in the webcomic abstrusegoose.
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    Do you suffer from an affective disorder?

    This seems like a fairly old thread but I guess it's better to post it here. As silly as it seems, I just want to know what it's like to try treatment from a professional, or to confide yourself to a therapist, or to a psychiatrist? I have never been diagnosed but now I'm fairly certain I have...
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    At what age can you tell if you're good at math?

    I don't know how would people who study mathematics for 8 hours still fail at it. Maybe they study it like how some people study biology which is by rote (and I don't think this is the proper way of studying biology either), though in biology exams this way of 'cramming' does give favorable...