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    What an amatuer physics enthusiast do in daily life?

    My interpretation of "doing physics" is to solve as many problems as you can to build a mathematical intuition of how the Universe works. This, combined with a conceptual understanding (to build physical intuition) would give an amateur a good foundation in physics. It also depends how much...
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    Engineering Starting Engineering at 22 years of age? Not sure

    I am 28 and a current undergraduate. There are plenty of other engineering students in their late 20's/early 30's as well so do not worry about your age. Just study hard, build a strong foundation and stay focused on finishing your degree. 26 is still YOUNG (especially when you will finish by...
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    In need of professional advice This should help you homie. Good luck to you!
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    Computing graduates deemed unemployable

    This is a very interesting discussion. I am assuming by 'graduates' we are referring to those who have obtained either a Master's or PhD in Computer Science -- is this correct?