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    Why Does Math Instruction Consist of Just Doing Problems?

    Kphysics: People have provided some great replies but I thought I would add my thoughts as well. Without having actually taken the courses yourself, it's difficult to gauge how accurate people's complaints are. When I first returned to CC, I spent the first two semesters heavily immersed in...
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    Help with self-studying

    Which book are you reading? That would help pinpoint your difficulties.
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    Physics or CIS?

    What's up brotha? I am not entirely sure what your question is. These are two vastly different course requirements for two vastly different fields. There isn't really any overlap between CIS and Physics. Are you trying to figure out the best career prospects? Or are you curious which would be...
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    Should I take Number Theory or Abstract Algebra

    Abstract Algebra (for me at least) allowed me to peer inside a mathematical universe that I didn't know existed. Additionally, the language of abstract algebra is used to build other branches of modern mathematics that you might want to study in the future. I would recommend it over number...
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    How much work is hard work?

    Don't apologize. It was a fantastic reply filled with thoughtful and insightful information!
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    How much work is hard work?

    There are a few different aspects of this post that need to be addressed. This is entirely my opinion. First, obviously, to get into a top 100 University (world ranking) you will need stellar grades, test scores, letters of recommendation and any research experience. I don't think there are any...
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    Somewhere to learn the whole quantum easier?

    1832vin: Are you asking for a rigorous physics text that shows the equations but dedicates time to developing the physical intuition behind the equation as opposed to explaining the actual mathematics of the equation? It seems to me you are saying you understand the math well, but the texts you...
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    The career path becomes foggy on which direction to go

    As a physics undergrad myself, one thing I will say is some of the physics I thought I liked isnt the same as I thought it would be, and things I didnt think would be interesting have turned out to be very interesting once I start doing the actual physics of the subject (or you realize the maths...
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    The career path becomes foggy on which direction to go

    I suppose I dont understand your question. You want to use physics, mathematics, hardware and software, correct?
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    The career path becomes foggy on which direction to go

    I am going to be blunt and honest and say that none of what you wrote matters much in determining if you can do physics or even if you should. If you want to do physics or astronomy, all that matters is you do very well in your math and physics courses (calculus and beyond), and if you want a...
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    How can I learn to enjoy mathematics more?

    Have you tried incorporating the mathematics you are learning into simple programs? This would allow you to practice programming and also see the mathematics in practice. You don't need to write anything fancy, just something that's tangible.
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    Is Math Cumulative & is Memorization Important?

    The first thing that I would suggest is to try to think about why you are performing certain algebraic or trigonometric operations as opposed to trying to mindlessly memorize. There is obviously an element of memorization involved in mathematics, however, from my own experience, it is much...
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    CC student struggling with dedicating to calculus workload

    I am going to provide a subjective, anecdotal opinion based strictly upon my own experiences. While you might regard yourself as more an introvert (strictly an assumption), if you aren't able to generate the energy and motivation to put 10-15+ hours per week of dedicated Calculus studying...
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    Classes that are required vs classes that *might* be useful

    Is taking Statistical Mechanics this year and studying the electronics course (or sitting in on the course) in your own time a viable option?
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    Do all physicists have to be theoretical?

    I would probably decide prior to graduate school about whether I wanted to pursue experimental or theoretical physics because you will tend to specialize in one particular field. However, I would imagine its possible to get a doctorate in theoretical physics and perhaps still have (even if they...
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    Schools Should I take University Physics early and study ahead or as last two

    They are calculus based and actually very rigorous courses. The way Virginia is set-up, our Community College system has transfer agreements with various institutions so the core science courses that are taught tend to represent courses taught at the state Universities. And, while I have not...
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    Schools Should I take University Physics early and study ahead or as last two

    Couldn't fit everything in the subject line, my apologies. I am at a Junior College still undecided as to whether I want to major in physics, computer science, or mathematics (considering double major in physics/comp sci and a minor in math but thats not really releveant). Because of this...
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    This Freshman Math Class at Harvard Looks Insane!

    For clarification: I am 27 years old (Undergrad Freshman). I have worked different jobs, lived in different parts of the country and pursued different interests. After these years, I finally decided I was ready for school. I am not feeling behind or confused about what I want to do or anything...
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    This Freshman Math Class at Harvard Looks Insane!

    I wasn't intending to open a "can of worms" my man. I really kind of just went off on a stream of consciousness style tangent related to lower levels of mathematics. I have no experience nor opinion regarding anything beyond single-variable calculus which is probably why I am fascinated by these...
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    This Freshman Math Class at Harvard Looks Insane!

    Man, that is crazy to me! Did these kids still have varied interests or were they pretty dedicated to mathematics and physics for most of their life? I always wonder if the kids who are that advanced necessarily have a unique talent for mathematics or if perhaps some of them simply practiced a...
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    This Freshman Math Class at Harvard Looks Insane!

    If this is the wrong forum for this, I apologize. I tried to narrow this question to the right section. I somehow ended up on a Harvard undergraduate maths webpage for incoming freshman. The first two courses I read were pretty gnarly but I have read enough posts on this website throughout...
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    Advice for hobbyist studies

    In order to really understand GTR and QM you will need to study quite a bit of mathematics and physics. To understand it at the undergraduate level you will need less of these but it will still require a solid foundation. There is a reason people go to school for so long in order to understand...
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    Will I need a Calculator for Calculus?

    Im loving this debate on calculators and calculus. Ferreal. As recommended by a few, I will ask my teacher whether or not she recommends or requires one (once class starts) and then I can use that information to determine whether or not I personally require one. Massive group hug! Thanks PF Squad!
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    Will I need a Calculator for Calculus?

    I am starting college Calculus this semester (have not taken Calculus before) and I have been working through Spivak Calculus (on Chapter 2). Monday I will be purchasing the course text (obviously not Spivak) and have not had a chance to look through it. Will I need a graphing calculator for my...
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    Schools Virginia Universities

    This is fantastic. I appreciate your continued support and information. I had no idea this existed! Thanks!! I will keep looking into this.
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    Schools Virginia Universities

    Unfortunately, Tidewater doesn't have any articulation agreements with Virginia Tech or University of Virginia. I think their agreements are with Old Dominion University, Longwood, and some other one, that I do not want to go to. I have sent the departments e-mails a few times, but they have...
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    Schools Virginia Universities

    I am a community college student, that will be soon transferring into a Virginia University. However, I am uncertain which university is best. I want to pursue a major in mathematics and physics, and I have been considering either Virginia Tech, or University of Virginia. I am uncertain which...
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    Academic Planning Issues (Help!)

    My social life is fine, I live with my girlfriend and we go to school together. If you mean an 'academic social life,' then I guess that is something different. I don't want to transfer there immediately, because I have to transfer into their major program (I think, right?), and they really want...
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    Academic Planning Issues (Help!)

    I have an academic planning issue. Since I never had any interest in mathematics or mathematical sciences in high school, I never took a course past Algebra/Trigonometry, and didn’t pay attention to any of my physics or chemistry courses. After I graduated high school, and started to read a lot...
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    Programs Majoring in Biophysics

    I am currently attending community college in San Diego. I have TAG (Transfer Agreement - transfer agreement requirements), which is a contract stating that I will be transferring into UC-San Diego (UCSD), once I have completed the necessary pre-requisites. I have elected Physics with a...