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    Simple biology :decomposers

    Homework Statement 1. can anyone tell me why decomposers are not shown in the food chain or food web? 2. what is the main difference between '' pyramid of energy'' and ''pyramid of biomass''? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    Difference between glocose and glycogen

    glocose and glycogen are carbohydrates, but what is the difference between them?what are the functions of them?
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    A question about oxidation

    according to my biology textbook, it says that animals release energy by oxidation of food, can anybody tell me that what is oxidation?
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    Boiling points of alcohol and mercury?

    Boiling points of alcohol and mercury?? who can tell me the boiling point of alcohol and mercury??
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    A question about heat

    why we use water, but not alcohol as a coolant in the car engine?can you give me three reasons?